There are simply too many places to visit and too many things to do in this wide world, and even the most avid and professional traveler cannot hope to be everywhere, experiencing everything. You can, however, make the best of your time and resources with a little systematic planning. Welcome to — your one stop destination to decide on a trip, gather out-of-the-box information on the greatest places to visit across the world, plan your vacation to the minutest detail, and then come back and share your experiences with other interested travelers. Registration will allow you to use the latest online tools and interactive technologies to help you plan better, travel smarter, and share your experiences with friends and other travelers. focuses on interesting and informative travel content complemented with Web 2.0 technology to makes this site truly unique and highly interactive. It provides a platform for serious travelers like you to share your views, travel accounts, suggestions, advice and comments on places visited. Registration allows you to use any or all of the following facilities that the site provides:

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You will also be entitled to use the Online Booking facility, where you will be given collaborative search engines to compare prices, book online flights and accommodation. is presently at a nascent stage, and will be continuously upgraded with the introduction of new features along with the ones mentioned above. With time, the site will introduce Web 3.0 technology to make it all the more interesting and tourist friendly.

About the Owners is owned by Must See, LLC., which, in turn, is a joint project between Compare Infobase, Ltd., and Jim Sutton. Mr. Suttonhas traveled extensively over large parts of North America, Europe as well as East and South Asia. He has come across diverse culture and people in his official and private capacities. Although the academic and corporate profile of Mr. Sutton is well known in the professional world, his love for travel is a part of his persona that is rarely talked about.

Being an active corporate and leisure traveler, Mr. Sutton has felt the want of a reliable website that provides rich and accurate content, along with advanced interactive technologies to make travel easier and interesting. is the result of his dream to bridge this gap. Being the owner of the site, Mr. Sutton also wants to connect to other serious travelers who have been bitten by the wander-bug by making it a platform for travel related discussions and forums.