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Must see places in Congo

Fast Facts

  • Location: On the western side of Africa spread on either side of the Equator and west of River Congo; surrounded by
  • Central African Republic in the north east, Democratic Republic of Congo in the east and south, Atlantic Ocean in the South west, Gabon is the west, and Cameroon in the north west
  • Country capital: Brazzaville
  • Language/s: French, Kongo, Lingala
  • Currency: Central African Franc
  • Time Zone: UTC + 1
  • ISD Code: 242
  • Best Time to Visit: May to September
  • International Airport: Brazzaville
Amidst the rising environmental pollution and the the gradual extinction of rare animal species, Congo is the storehouse of natural beauty where you can explore the true sanctity of nature. There are indeed various must see places in Congo that are appealing to tourists. The Republic of Congo, popularly referred to as Congo, lies on the western side of River Congo in the equatorial region of Africa. Whereas, the other half of Congo known as the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire lies on the east of Congo River. The high percentage of rain in the area has resulted in formation of jungles, which are dense and unexplored. Since most of the dense forests are almost impenetrable, owing to the arduous terrain and the uncompromising weather, the Government of Congo has come up with various national parks to expose the wildness of the forest animals as well as to restore natural beauty. The national parks in Congo are unique compared to other parks as they reflect the true essence of Congo's wilderness. National parks like the Virunga National Park, Okapi Wildlife Research etc are some of the must see places in Congo.

The uniqueness of Congo lies in the fact that the vast sprawling rain forests are home to rare species of animals and tribal population, which are still undiscovered. Researches and discoveries on Congo has made the country one of the foremost destinations for researchers, travelers as well as geologists.

These dense equatorial forests are renowned for their gorillas and chimpanzees. These apes account for nearly 80% of the entire ape population of the world. The coastal regions bordering Atlantic Ocean are primary oil field locations. Brazzaville the capital of country, which is one of the must see places in Congo has a typical French ambiance. The posh urban environment makes Brazzaville one of the ultimate tourist destinations in Congo.

The tantalizing surfing experience in the Pointe Noire is a must see place in Congo. The blue water of the Cong River is also a thrilling option for tourists to enjoy the excitement of rafting. In Congo, you can even explore the mystic charm of the Odzala National Park, which is perhaps the most unexplored wilderness of all tropical ecosystems.

Travel to the untouched woods of the Virunga National Park that stretches all the way from Rwenzori range in the south, covering the lake Edward till the lake Kivu. It covers the enchanting landscapes and terrains of the volcanic range in the northern town of Goma. The pristine pulchritude of the Virunga National Park is breath taking and leaves an everlasting mark on nature lovers. This national park unfolds the deepest secrets about the lifestyle of wild animals and their struggle for survival. Abode to about 700 species of birds and 200 species of animals, it is the most bio-diverse park in Africa. With the presence of endangered species like the mountain Gorrilas and home to 30 to 40 species of chimpanzees, Virunga National Park is one of the most sought after must see places in Congo. The diverse vegetation and the presence of rare species of plants and trees of the Ituri Forest and the dark wilderness of the Garamba National Park are some of the other Congo tourist spots that shouldn't be missed.

The inevitable aroma of the forest plants added to the excitement to travel through some of the most difficult terrains make Congo an unforgettable experience for all. So, lets plunge into the dark woods and further explore the must see places in Congo, which have more to give other than just beauty and solitude.

When to Visit Congo

Congo that spread on either side of the Equator is primarily hot and humid. It is wetter from April to October and dry from November to March. If you wish to visit Brazzaville then May to September is the perfect time.

Travel to and within Congo

Brazzaville is connected by international flights to Paris, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, and Libreville in Gabon. You may also get a ferry from Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of Congo or from Sokamba in Cameroon. Within Congo, bus services are the cheapest mode of conveyance. Shared taxis are also available for commuting. Barge services along the Congo River are also available.

List of must see places in Congo:

  • Virunga national park
  • Lefini Faunal Reserve
  • Okapi Wildlife research
  • Fishing port of Kinkole, Kinshasha
  • Garamba national park
  • Lake Ma Vallee
  • Kahuzi-Biega National Park
  • The Inkisi fall, Zongo
  • Salonga national park
  • Frí¨re Gillet Botanic Gardens, Kisantu
  • Brazzaville Basilica, Brazzaville
  • Moanda beach
  • The Congo River rapids
  • Toms of Tshela
  • Tembo falls
  • Caves at Mbanza-Ngungu

Cities in Congo

Pointe Noire
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