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Must see places in Cairo

For those who have been to Egypt can't miss the thrill and queer mysticism of Egypt. And for those who are still ignorant about the magnificence of Egypt, should first look out for the must see places in Cairo. A bustling city amidst the never-ending barren Sahara desert, Cairo is the heart of the country that overtly welcomes you to a unusual world of heritage and ancient civilization. The long foretold story of the Mummy, the mighty pyramids and the gigantic Sphinx attracts myriad of tourists from throughout the globe. Putting aside all these, you will be further charmed by the outstanding nightlife of Cairo and the gaudiness of the market places, which are also notable must see places in Cairo. If you are dreaming about food, relish the lip smacking authentic Egyptian cuisines in Felfela. Not to mention, the historical edifices are also amazing places to see in Cairo.

Taking a stroll around Cairo wouldn't be an easy proposition owing to the hot climate. However, the busy streets bordered with historical and modern buildings is impressive to behold. After you have got a satisfactory hold on the routes and transport options of the city, start with the must see places in Cairo. Don't think twice before you visit The Egyptian Museum that still restores the reminiscent of the great King Tut. The museum showcases the unbelievable stories and events of historical era when the king was on his prime. Get the rare glimpse of the vast treasures that were uncovered from the king's tomb. For security reasons cameras are not allowed within the museum premises.

Road tripping in Cairo would obviously also include a walk-through to the Islamic Cairo that veraciously welcomes you to a fantastic world with history and heritage. A walk along the ancient pathways of the place will take you to a plethora of historical architectures that foretells the ancient stories of Egyptian civilization. Though the rising heat may be tiring for most, but do find time to visit the Khan Ali Kalili, the biggest open market in Cairo. The place is amongst the must see places in Cairo for its wide collection of ethnic products, art and crafts, historical souvenirs and perfumes.

Take a break from the bountiful market places and walk into the Citadel in Cairo. A must see place in Cairo, this historical monument is for those who wish to get a panoramic view of the city and also penetrate into the enclosures to take a dip into the tumultuous past of the country. Don't give up the road tripping in Cairo unless you have visited the much talked-about Sphinx and Pyramids in Cairo. The blazing semblance of the Pyramid and the spectacular art of the Sphinx further enhances their grandeur. The robust structures of these monuments amidst the barren desert make the view further dramatic.

If you happen to visit the city in the month of November, also put the Arab Music Festival in your itinerary. The festival comprises of unique fusion music with a mix of classical, traditional and orchestral beats with quaint Jazz influences as well. However, for the summer tourists there is yet another must see place in Cairo, which is a good option for relaxing. Conjure yourself to take a stroll around the suburbs of Cairo to pay a visit to the museums, the gardens and photograph the sunset. A general riddance from the din of the cities and the scorching heat, your visit to the suburbs will recharge your body for further excitement in the next day.

List of must see places in Cairo:

  • The Egyptian Museum
  • Islamic Cairo
  • Khan Ali Kalili
  • Citadel in Cairo
  • Sphinx And Pyramids
  • Arab Music Festival
  • Cairo Suburbs
  • Mosque of Sayyidna al-Hussein
  • FelaFela

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