Fast Facts

  • Location: In Western Africa, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean, between Angola and Gabon
  • Best Time to Visit: Between June and August and December
  • How to reach: You may fly to Kinshasa from Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Bujumbura (Burundi), Douala (Cameroon), Johannesburg (South Africa), Lagos (Nigeria), Luanda (Angola), Libreville (Gabon) and Nairobi (Kenya). Apart from air access, you may travel to Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo via a daily ferry across the Congo River.
  • Nearest international airport: Murtala Mohammed International Airport

Described as the ‘heart of darkness’ by Joseph Conrad, the Congo region is known as the land of pygmies, mythological beasts and cannibals and extending across central Africa, Congo rainforests are the second largest on Earth; after the Amazon. The Republic of Congo is made up of vast area of virgin forest and an abundance of wildlife. Millions of people across the region bank on the rainforest of the Congo basin for food, medicine and shelter.

One of the most astounding aspects of the Congo region is its wealth of wildlife like rhinos, elephants, leopards, lions, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, which is best experienced in any of country’s national parks. In addition to them, Congo is dotted with a number of freshwater lakes and marked by numerous waterfalls..

Congo rainforests

  • Natives
    Since the Stone Ages, troops of native hunter-gatherers, known as ‘pygmies’, have inhabited the Congo rainforests. They prefer to be called by their various tribal names such as Mbuti, Efe, Aka, Baka, Twa Sua.
  • Traditions
    The traditions of most of the native tribes of the rainforest are strongly bound to the sea of green in which they have lived for several years. The forest, for them, is not just a mere collection of trees, but a living being that must be treated with respect for the goods it provides.
  • Cuisine
    Traditionally, the natives of the African rainforests had a wide variety of animals and vegetation to use as food.

Other things to see and do

Apart from the rainforests, the travelers in Congo have endless things to see and do:

  • The capital city of Brazzaville, located west of Malebo Pool on the River Congo, features attractions like the beautiful Basilique Sainte Anne, the colorful suburb of Poto Poto, the Temple Mosque, the markets at Oluendze and Moungali, the National Museum, the Municipal Gardens
  • Visit to the historic village of M’Be, the capital of King Makoko
  • Visit the Valley of Butterflies
  • Visit the town of Pointe-Noire on the coast and the scenic beaches close by in the region known as the Cote Sauvage
  • Find a majestic view of the surrounding countryside at the Loufoulakari Falls and the Trou de Dieu
  • Spend time by playing golf at the golf course in Brazzaville, the Cite du Djoue
  • Enjoy fishing at Lac Bleu
  • Enjoy the adventure of waterskiing on the Congo and Kouillou rivers

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