Fast Facts

  • Location: East coast of Egypt mainland and Gulf of Aqaba; Hurgada and Safaga are the best destinations for going on a coral reef tour in Red Sea
  • Best Time to Visit: All over the year
  • Preferred timings: Daytime
  • How to reach: Fly to Hurgada and then by road to Safaga; alternatively travel by road from Cairo to Hurgada of Safaga
  • Nearest International Airport:El Nasr Street, and AKA Square
  • Nearest Bus station:El Nasr Street, and AKA Square
  • Time required for sightseeing:1 day

Coral Reefs in Red Sea represent the most complex and spectacular ecosystem on earth. These Red Sea coral reefs create a colorful display in orange, yellow, red, cyan and violet. Even the dead corals create a panorama in grey and white. Apart from the bright hues, these corals in shapes of horns, spikes and fans are baffling.

Red Sea Corals: An Overview

The Red Sea corals are most attractive in the shallow depths along north eastern Egyptian coast and Golf of Aqaba bordering Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The coral reefs of Gulf of Aqaba are among the northernmost on the planet. In spite of its strong salinity and great fluctuations in seasonal temperatures, there are more than 220 species of corals thriving in this region. Though the reef area is only about 50 square kilometers, it is vibrant, intact, and free from pollutants. Incidence of diseases are also relatively much less. These corals represent the most colorful and safe reefs for exploration.

What to See

Enjoy these reefs by diving underwater using self contained underwater breathing apparatus, i.e. SCUBA, or go glass bottom boat riding. Either way you would be enthralled by this wonderful under water display in vibrant colors. Children and elderly can avail these glass bottom boat rides, while the more adventurous can dive into the water for a closer view of these remarkable marine plants. In addition to viewing these corals, swim alongside outstanding fish varieties like butterfly fish, surgeon fish, stone fish and jelly fish.

What to Eat

During your visit to the coral reefs of Red Sea, savor on the local cuisine comprising ‘mezza’ breads, kebabs flame grilled over hot coals, exceptionally tasty seafood, and seasonal fruit varieties. While visiting Hurgada try out the recipes in Portofino, Rossi, Felfela, and Da Nanni Pizzeria. Safaga is another important location from where this tour can be made. In Safaga, try barracuda fillet with salad, bread, hummus, and ‘tahina’ in Ali Restaurant. At Hamada’s in Safaga city, enjoy delectable seafood prepared from local catches.

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