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Location: In the African country of Egypt. Most popular location to start a cruise is Aswan, located 680 km south of Cairo, Egypt.
Best Time to Visit: October through March.

How to Reach
Most of the Nile River cruises starts from Aswan. So if you want to go for cruise on River Nile, you need to come to Aswan first.

The nearest airport is Aswan International Airport (ASW), also known as Daraw Airport. You will find regular flights to this airport from a number of destinations including Paris-Orly, Abu Simbel, London-Gatwick, Madrid, Cairo, and Luxor.

You can also reach Aswan through Egyptian National Railways, a state-owned company. The trains run along the Nile to reach Aswan.

It is another popular alternative to reach Aswan. You can catch any of the several daily cruise ships that leave from Luxor for Aswan.

Nearest airport: Aswan International Airport (ASW).
Nearest rail station: Aswan

It was on a Nile River cruise that human history was rewritten! Cleopatra in her golden barge received Mark Antony from Rome, and simply floored him with the splendor and opulence of the Egyptian civilization, topped by her legendary charm: stemming the undeterred growth of Roman Imperialism. Times have changed, and you need not be a noble of the highest order any longer to undertake a Nile River cruise. However, you can still follow in the footsteps of the ancient Pharaohs, and watch the local people, their lifestyle, culture, custom and heritage at close quarters. A Nile River cruise also makes for a great vantage point to view Egypt’s magnificent architecture and relive its rich history. Watch the desert sun set over the emerald Nile — it is a view you will remember forever. Have you ever thought of an expedition where you can discover the rich culture of the ancient Egypt? Have you ever though exploring Egypt beyond the pyramids? Have you ever dreamt of sailing on the longest river in the world on a boat? Come to Egypt and explore the land in never-before style. A Cruise on River Nile is surely going to be one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime.

The Nile, one of the most famous rivers in the world, is a north-flowing river in Africa, which also happens to be the longest river in the world as well. With its two major tributaries viz. the White Nile and Blue Nile, which meet near the Sudanese capital Khartoum, the Nile River ends its journey in a large delta that goes into the Mediterranean Sea. As the River Nile pass through a nation whose civilization almost entirely depends on the river, a cruise on River Nile provides tourists an opportunity to explore the natural beauties of Egypt along the banks of the River Nile, its people, its civilization, its culture and its heritage. As you will visit some of the finest ancient monuments of Egypt along the banks of the River Nile including those at Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan and not to forget the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens — cruise on River Nile could well be the experience of the lifetime for every travelers.

Nile River Cruises — What to Visit

A cruise on the River Nile is every traveler’s dream. It is an awesome opportunity to explore the ancient Egypt.

The most popular place to begin your Nile River cruse is Aswan where a number of boats leave for Kom Ombo daily. In Nile River cruises, you will go to the Luxor and visit the temple of the ancient Thebes. The temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Temple of Karnak are some of the largest attractions. From Luxor, you can also go for an excursion to the Valley of the Kings where more than 60 pharaohs have been in rest including the mysterious Tutankhamun. You can also go to visit one of the modern wonders of Egypt — the High Dam at Aswan.

Cruise on River Nile may also cover famous pyramids and Sphinx in Giza, Djoser’s Step Pyramid in Sakkara, the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo etc.


The Duration of cruises on River Nile may vary from cruise to cruise. One can find typical Nile River cruises of either three, four or seven nights. Usually the shorter cruises operate between Luxor and Aswan. In the longer version of cruises, you will further go north to Dendera.

Cruise Ships

While going for a cruise on River Nile, the first name that you will come to know is ‘Felucca’ — a traditional wooden sailboat that takes travelers to a cruise along the River Nile. Felucca depends on the wind and river currents for propulsion. Though the journey in a Felucca could be a slow one, but it will surely provide you an unforgettable experience as you travel, eat and sleep on the boat round the clock.

There are also a number of luxurious ships that will take you along the River Nile. These ships could easily be described as floating hotel as these come with all the modern facilities and amenities that a hotel provides which may include different types of rooms, exercise rooms, restaurants, stores, small libraries, hot tubs, nightclubs and even small swimming pools.

Tips on hiring a Cruise Ship:

If you are hiring a Felucca, it is the best to contact the captain of Felucca directly. Be sure, you are not dealing with a middleman. A Felucca has the carrying capacity of maximum 8 people. So, do not get in a Felucca which is carrying more than 8 people, in that case, you may face the scarcity of space for sleeping.

If you want to go on a luxurious ship, you can contact various travel companies that regularly conduct Nile River cruise. Some of those can be named as A&K Luxury Nile cruises, African Travel Deluxe Nile cruises, Avalon First-class Nile cruises, Brendan First-class Nile cruises, Collette Deluxe Nile cruises etc.

Though nothing can replace the first hand experience of Nile River cruise, but the following videos can give you a feel of that exciting experience: : This is a wonderful video that will take you through the River Nile on a luxury boat. : This video will give you the feel of exploring River Nile Felucca. Enjoy it!

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