Fast Facts

  • Location: In Sinai Peninsula to the East of Egypt
  • Attraction Type: Sacred Mountain
  • Significance: A pilgrimage for both Christians and Muslims
  • Best Time to Visit: March to May, September to November
  • Visiting hours: Daytime
  • How to reach: By road from Sharm el-Sheikh or Dahab
  • Nearest Airport: Sharm el-Sheikh Airport

Mount Sinai or Mount Horeb is the peak from where Moses received The Ten Commandments from God. This mountain in the Judeo-Christian region of Middle East is one of the four sacred mountains of the Christians. In this venerated pilgrimage center you also get the fortune of visiting Moses’ Burning Bush, the Plain of ar-Raaha, and Elijah’s Plateau. The entire territory surrounding Mount Sinai in Egypt is engulfed in Biblical tradition.

Though there are no archaeological evidences of this particular Mount Sinai as that mentioned in the Bible, devotees from all corners of the globe come to this place as a pilgrimage. According to John Lloyd Stephens, of all places created by nature, nothing is comparable to Mount Sinai in the exhibition of God’s power. Mount Sinai is not just one peak but a collection of them at times referred to as the ‘Holy Mountains’. This Mount of God was called as such even before Moses’ period according to John L. Stevens. To the south of this mountain chain lies Mount Moses or Jebel Musa from where Moses communicated with God and received the Ten Commandments. Jebel Musa or Gebel Mousa is also a revered pilgrimage for Muslims, since it is believed that Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven on his horse Boraq from this peak.

Mount Sinai Activities

Mount Sinai is an attractive destination for hikers. You could scale the 7500 feet Mount Musa by a number of alternative trails. The shortest way to the top is via Siket Syidna Musa, a stairway of 3750 steps. These ‘steps of penitence’ were cut out of stone by monks staying in St. Catherine’s Monastery near the northeastern foothills. This monastery supposedly was constructed at the site of the Burning Bush. However, these steps should not be attempted in darkness. For reaching the summit before sunrise, the Siket El Bashait trail or ‘Camel Path’ is a better option since it is less steep and can be traversed on camel back. Along this two and a half hour journey you would find a number of stalls and kiosks selling water, food and other essential items. Near the summit you would come to a natural amphitheater called ‘seven elders of Israel’ where seven wise men waited while Moses was in conversation with God.

At the summit, enjoy a breathtaking sunrise and visit the Chapel of the Holy Trinity from outside, as admittance to the inside is restricted to visitors. This Chapel supposedly encloses the rock from which God made the Ten Commandments tablets for Moses. Here you would also find a cave where Moses waited to receive the stone tablets, and a mosque.

Visiting Mount Sinai

At Mount Sinai you might manage a dormitory accommodation in St.Catherine’s Monastery. However, you could cover Mount Sinai either from Sharn el-Sheikh or Dahab. At Sharm el-Sheikh you might check in at Sofitel, Savoy, Sierra, Four Seasons, Hyatt Regency Sharm el-Sheikh, or Ritz Carlton. For catering to your culinary needs you might try out the recipes in Fawanes Cafíé, Maharaja, Tempo Cage and Safsafa.

Dahab is also an attractive place to stay if planning to visit Mount Sinai. In Dahab, you might select from Neptune Beach Hotel, Blue Beach Club, Golden Apartments, and Ali Baba Hotel for putting up. For your gastronomic demands, visit Lobster Seafood Restaurant, Kwyckly Restaurant, Leila’s Bakery, and the Shams Restaurant.

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