Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in the Libyan Desert, between Dakhla and Bahariya in Western Egypt.
  • Attraction Type: Oasis.
  • Significance: One of the most isolated places in Egypt, Farafra is an amazing oasis in the Western Desert that does not have another settlement close to it.
  • Best time to Visit: October to April.
  • Visiting Hours: During daytime.
  • How to Reach: Reach at Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, located in Sharm el-Sheikh.You can reach Farafra from there by taking a car.

Silence has its own words, as they say. Have you ever tasted the essence of isolation? Completely alone! It is amazing, for sure. And if these have already had an effect on you, drop by the must see Farafra sites and enjoy the isolation at its best. One of the most isolated places in Egypt, Farafra is an amazing oasis in the Western Desert that does not have other settlements close to it. Inhabited by 5000 inhabitants in a single village, most of whom are the local Bedouins, the must see places in Farafra also include some of the most wonderful samples of architecture — all in smooth and simple form and in mud color.

It’s an amazing experience for any traveler to experience the culture and lifestyle of a few villagers — at a completely isolated place, far away from the known world: far from the hustle and glamor of your city. It is also known as Ta-iht or the ‘Land of the Cow’ in the ancient times, probably due to its association with cow-headed goddess Hathor. Be it the Ain Besai or the White Desert to the northeast of it, must see Farafra sites are a blend of all — of history, culture or even the endless horizon of desert. Come and explore the place, it will be an experience of a lifetime.

Things to Do

There are plenty to visit in Farafra. It gives you an amazing opportunity to be in a small village — serene and picturesque in all facets. The architectures of the village buildings are quite interesting to see. The mud brick houses with narrow roads and roofs stand close to each other. The exteriors of some of the houses are painted with murals. You will also get an opportunity to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the nomadic Bedouins. One of the must see places in Farafra is a long trip to the interiors of the White Dessert — also known as the Sahara el Beyda. The sandy landscapes that looms over you like enormous heaps, ready to gallop you, tickles the excitement in you. And a long camel safari — though quite hectic amidst the scorching heat — bring out the child in you, as you gleam with excitement. I would always advise you to plan for a week long trip to this often visited oasis. More than just sojourning, you can as well come across a plethora of Egyptian architectures, sprinkled all over the sandy town-scape.

Nevertheless, the hot springs of Bir Setta – must see Farafra attractions — are also amazing to venture out. You must take a swim there before you leave the place. Female tourists should respect the local tradition and should bathe only in the afternoons. You can also visit the beautiful El-Mufid Lake. Further, drive 45 Km north of Farafra to visit Ain Hadra spring and other attractions. Accommodation

To give your travel excitement a notch, look for a good accommodation here — not only for a luxurious stay but also to feel the true ethnicity of the town. In this context, one of the best for tourists is the Gamal Abdel Nasser St at New Valley in Farafra. The typical Egyptian aura added to the non-servile behavior of the attendants at Gamal will sure make your stay a memorable one.

Go ahead, enjoy your trip.

List of must see Farafra sightseeings:

  • The While Dessert
  • Ain Hadra spring
  • El-Mufid Lake
  • Hot spring at Bir Setta
  • Ain Besai

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