After you are stunned by the majestic semblance of the Pyramids and the artistic grandiose of the Sphinx in Cairo, don’t sit back at your hotel room to decide your next destination. Infact, for most tourists the must see places in Alexandria holds a special importance. May it be the palpable history of the city, a renowned legacy of Alexander the Great or the myriad historical evidences, Alexandria has always been enchanting and interesting for visitors. With an invigorating citylife with a subtle touch of heritage, Alexandria has come up a center- point of superlative activity and countless architectural vestiges, which are must see places in Alexandria.

The boundless stretch of desert seems to be no bar to the great civilization and the historical contributions of Egypt. Alexandria and most other cities in the country testifies the myths and the historical events that this country unfolds. For most first time visitors, the must see places in Alexandria seems to be a peerless web of monuments that has thronged the entire city. To start with, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina would be the best choice for anyone who is still ignorant about the artistic marvels of the city. More than just the architectural superiority of this colossal monuments, it is the interior superbness that would leave you in awe. It comprises of three museums, has more than 70,000 square meter exhibition space and an enormous conference center.

To go deeper into the history of the city, find some time to visit the Catacombs of Kom ash-Shuqqaf , the burial site for great Greek, Egyptian and Imperial Roman rulers and kings. The place will take you back to some of the most glorious eras of Egypt. Being a hive of art and culture, the must see places in Alexandria emits the typical Egyptian flavor. The historical aroma of the city added to the hustle and glitter of the market places and the pictorial evening environment at sunset, make the city an amazing place to cherish every experience it has in store for you.

Without waiting much time walking around the artificial modern markets, switch to your next sightseeing plan. Visit the Alexandria National Museum to get access to the rare artifacts of the city right from the time of its origination. The museum foretells the entire story about the history and culture of the city. The Chatby Necropolis is a first class must see place in Alexandria that exposes the entire historic events and the turbulent times of the country. A walk to the other corners of the city will bring you to the Montezah Palace Garden, where you can take a leisurely walk and enjoy the serenity and the pleasant evening breeze. Though the 19th century palace is not accessible to tourists or visitors, yet the exquisite construction and the intricate artistry of the palace is worthy to be viewed. The Mehmud Said Museum and the Cavafy Museum should also be listed in your trip plan to know more about the vast culture of the city.

While the historical must see places in Alexandria are indeed bewitching, the marketing experience in Alexandria are unlikely places to see in Alexandria. Starting from the Alexandria Fish Market that spreads out every kind of sea fish, to the Souq Ibrahimiya, one of the best gift market of the city, Alexandria has it all set for your to eat, drink and merry-make. At the beaches of Alexandria, enjoy the warmth of the sun even in the winter months. Some of the popular sand beaches of the city are Assafra, Maamoura, Mandara, Miami, Montazah, Roushdy, San Stefano.

With its diverse attractions as well as endless entertainment facilities, the city offers several things to do. You will surely enjoy the experience of sunbathing at the Maa’moura Beach or Montaza Beach or cruising at Ras el-Tin. If you want a leisurely walk, you may go for a relaxing stroll by the beautiful Corniche by the Mediterranean Sea.


Apart from sightseeing, shopping in Alexandria is also a major pastime for travelers. The shopping centers offer wide variety of products. Some of the popular shopping hubs include Carrefour City Center, Family Mall, Green Plaza, Mirage Mall, San Stefano Grand Plaza Mall, Wataniyya Mall, Zahran Mall. Places to stay

The city of Alexandria offers a wide selection of accommodation, starting from the budget and economy type hotels up to luxury hotels and resorts. Some of the popular luxury hotels include El-Salamlek Palace, Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza, Renaissance Alexandria, Sheraton Montazah, Sofitel Cecil Alexandria while Hotel Delta, Holiday Hotel, Nile Excelsior Hotel, Normandy Hotel, Hotel Union can be the ideal choice for them to whom budget is the main priority. Alexandria is famous all over the world for having the finest seafood restaurants. You will also enjoy the dynamic nightlife of the city. Alexandria nightlife would be incomplete without a visit to the bars, nightclubs, pubs and casinos that are scattered all over the city.

List of must see places in Alexandria:

  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  • Catacombs of Kom ash-Shuqqaf
  • Alexandria National Museum
  • Chatby Necropolis
  • Cecil Hotel
  • Chatby Necropolis
  • Souq Ibrahimiyya
  • Monteze Palace Gardens
  • Mehmud Said Museum
  • Cavafy museum
  • Alexandria Fish Market
  • Souq Ibrahimiya

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