Fast Facts

  • Location: In West Africa with the Atlantic Ocean to its south, Cote d’Ivoire to its west, Burkina Faso to its north, and Togo to its east
  • Capital City: Accra
  • Language/s: English
  • Currency: Ghanaian Cedi
  • Time Zone: GMT
  • ISD Code: 233
  • Best Time to Visit: June to August
  • International Airport: Kotaka International Airport, Accra

The typical countryside ambiance of Ghana is fascinating for tourists who look out for solitude after a long period of a hectic life. The extensive must-see places in Ghana has made it one of the most frequented destinations for tourists who wish to return to the flourishing wilderness repeatedly. The rare wildness of the forest animals of the country may seem dangerous for many, but the underlying talisman of the place is indeed appealing. If you have an eye for beauty and wish to get engrossed in the verdure of nature then Ghana is the right place for you. Other than just the forests and the long stretches of cultivable lands, the country is specifically famous for various wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, beaches and historical monuments, which are must-see places in Ghana.

With a strange amalgamation of tribes and sects cohabiting harmoniously and gleefully, Ghana leaves a positive feeling among all visitors. An African nation, which is known for its natural aura, the life patterns in Ghana are varied and colorful. The unity and compassion of the people of Ghana reflects true humanity. With a multi-cultured and multi-lingual environment, Ghana is always vibrant and forever effervescent. Other than the culture, the must-see places in Ghana is not only limited to national parks and wildlife but are diverse and include everything from market places, cultural events and many more.

The central part of Ghana that includes the Volta basin and the Akosombo, covers almost 45 percent of the country. The beauty of the place is marked by Kwahu Plateau, which is on the southern end of the basin is basically a natural park of the Ashanti Uplands. The Lake Volta and the Hydroelectricity generation at Akosombo are two other significant must-see places in Ghana. The remarkable tourist spots in the coastal areas of Ghana attract millions of tourists from all throughout the world. The best part about Ghana beaches is the serene atmosphere and beautiful landscapes. For instance, the Kokrobite beach that is 30 Km west of Accra looks beautiful for the dramatic hilly backdrop. Further, the Ada beach that is famous for skiing, fishing, etc or the Cocoloco beach located at the meeting point of Volta river and Atlantic ocean, looks fascinating during sunrise and sunset.

Coming out of the trance of the Ghana beaches, you can even walk past some of the historical monuments that are must-see tourist attractions in Ghana. The monuments and the castles of Ghana are testimony of the Slave Trade — the most tragic event of the world so far. The Cape Coast castle, the museum of West African history, the Elmina Castle, etc are some of the must-see places in Ghana.

Apart from this, Accra, the capital of Ghana, which is also the leading commercial center of this west African nation forms a major part of Ghana sightseeing. At Kumasi, you can visit the traditional Ghana households that specialize in ethnic creations and artifacts and is a major must-see place in Ghana. An elephant ride through the Mole National Park is a thrilling experience and the Wechiau Community Hippo Center is remarkable for its amiable tribal villagers.

When to visit Ghana

June to August is the best time for traveling to Ghana. In the southern coastal regions, April to June and September/October are wet, while November to March is relatively dry and allows comfortable traveling. In the northern regions, there are no rains from April to October.  

Travel to and within Ghana

Kotaka International Airport in Accra is the only international gateway of Ghana. It is connected well with important cities across all continents. Road travel to Ghana is possible from Burkina Faso, Togo, and Cote d’Ivoire.

Bus service is fairly well developed for commuting between Ghana cities. Within Ghana, railways connect Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi.

List of must-see places in Ghana:

  • Akosombo and Volta lake
  • Larabanga Mosque
  • Accra, the capital of Ghana
  • Kokrobite beach
  • Ada beach
  • Cocoloco beach
  • The museum of west African history
  • Cape Coast castle
  • Army & Prempeh II Museum, Kumasi
  • The Elmina Castle
  • Mole national park
  • Takoradi
  • Makola market
  • Wechiau Community Hippo Centre
  • Kakum National park
  • National Culture center

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