Fast Facts

  • Location: In Shimoni Island, about 80 km south of Mombasa
  • Attraction Type: Fishing
  • Significance: An all year round fishing destination
  • Best time to visit: Throughout the year
  • How to Reach: By car from Mombasa
  • Nearest International Airport: Mio International Airport in Mombasa

Pemba Channel Fishing Club is heaven for big game anglers and fishing enthusiasts. This premier club is not only the best location for fishing in Kenya but perhaps the best in whole of Africa. Of all Marlins caught approximately 75% is caught from Shimoni in Kenya. Fishing in this prestigious club is an adventure for some while a relaxation for others. You have to be there in Kenya Pemba Channel Fishing Club to believe the varieties of fishing adventures offered.

For your fishing expeditions Pemba Channel Fishing Club in Kenya has four boats. Shuwari and Jasiri are fully equipped Bertram boats easy to maneuver. The White Otter is a sport fishing boat with having a record of catching the maximum number of Martins than any other boat. Kisiwani a luxurious fishing yacht with air conditioned cabins. With these boats Marlins up to a weight of 122 kg have been caught. Catches of tippets of a maximum weight of 6 kg have also been recorded.

It is here that you would realize the thrill of a ‘fishing safari’. The gorgeous morning sky with sunlight piercing through cumulus clouds and seabirds in hundreds hovering above provided the perfect setting for a fantastic fishing expedition. As you go deeper into the waters the chances of getting catches in plentiful get brighter. The varieties are also amazing. Sailfish, short-bill spearfish, broadbill swordfish, and black, blue and striped martins are the usual varieties you might catch.

For a more adventurous expedition you might try night fishing. Catching broadbill in the dark under fluorescent lighting is an exciting exercise. Broadbills are among the most difficult catches as they are strong and well proportioned, and could weigh up to 116 kg. It requires sufficient expertise to attempt catching a broadbill.

Accommodation at Pemba Channel Fishing Club

The Pemba Channel Fishing Club in Shimoni fishing village has a lodge which can accommodate 20 guests. A well stocked bar and kitchen takes care of all your culinary demands.

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