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Must see places in Madagaskar

Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in the Indian Ocean separated from African mainland by Mozambique Channel
  • Country capital: Antananarivo
  • Language/s: Malagasy, French, English
  • Currency: Malagasy Ariary
  • Time Zone: UTC + 3
  • ISD Code: 261
  • Best Time to Visit: April. September, October
  • International Airport: Ivato Airport in Antananarivo
Madagascar has perhaps no semblance to any other place on the earth's surface. The must see places in Madagascar and its flora, fauna, and human life are typical of itself. The inhabitants of Madagascar are Asian by descent and have developed traditions quite distinct of their won and different from those of other African tribes. These people are friendly, well mannered and cheerful. One word that describes Madagascar and its people aptly is 'refreshing'. Other than the beauty of the place, Madagascar tops the list of tourist visits every year for its beautiful environment, enchanting beaches and the green forests. Some of the renowned must see places in Madagascar includes Antananarivo, Andasibe — Mantadia National Park, Antsirable and many more.

Madagascar in the Indian Ocean to the east of African mainland has its own peculiar plants and animals. Here you can discover spiny and twisted octopus trees. Thousand year old bottle-shaped baobabs along Baobab Avenue near Morondova is a must see place in Madagascar. Over sixty varieties of pitcher plants in and around Ranomafana is another endemic plant of Madagascar Island. In Parc National D'ankarafantsika and Reserve Speciale De L'ankarana discover amazing varieties of lemurs and the elephant bird. Ring tailed lemurs and siren sounding lemurs are among the weirdest of these lemur varieties. Here you can find the world's smallest as well as the biggest chameleons.

The country with its vast diversities in wildlife, reptiles and many more has come up as one of the most awe-inspiring places for tourists as well as scientists. The exotic locations of the place added to the pristine woods of this beautiful island is a must visit place for most tourists. Other than just the must see places in Madagascar, the place has made a mark for 500 different species of frogs. Scientists claim to discover new species every year. This makes Madagascar a storehouse of rare creatures, which can't be found anywhere else but this island. With rare creatures like Three-eyed lizard, Northern Banded Mongooses, Paradise Flycatcher, Scops Owl, Panther Chameleon, Leaf-tail Gecko, Day Gecko, Crowned Lemur, Pushmi Pullu, Lepilemur Great Bamboo Lemur, Dwarf Microcebus, Lemur Catta, Lemur Sifaka, Indri and Aye Aye, the places in the island are undoubtedly a part of Madagascar sightseeing.

One of the most sought after places in the country that is indeed one of the must see places in Madagascar is the Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. The place boasts of beautiful landscapes scattered with the colorful flower market as well as the botanical garden or the zoological garden. What is more amazing is the fact that the island is equally famous for rare plant species as well that have distinctive features and can be found only in Madagascar. Being an island, Madagascar has the most tempting beaches. Andilana beach is famous for its exceptional sunset viewing while Ifaty has the strangest of coastal vegetation. Hiking along the beaches on white sands bordering the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean is a soothing experience. A drive from Ankity to Diego Suarez is exhilarating. All these places are must see tourist attractions in Madagascar and should not be missed.

When to Visit Madagascar

Madagascar being a tropical island might be visited any time of the year. However, from January to March heavy rainfall and stormy weather makes touring a little difficult. So, if you are planning a trip to this island and wish to enjoy your journey to the must see places in Madagascar, then May to October is the most conducive time to travel. However, north eastern Madagascar receives heavy rainfall from July to September and the seas become rough.

Travel to Madagascar

Ivato Airport near Antananarivo is the main airport in Madagascar that handlles international flights. Madagascar is well connected by overseas flights to Johannesburg, Nairobi, Port Louis in Mauritius, Paris, Bangkok, and Reunion to the east of Madagascar. Travelers flying from Asia or Australia enter Madagascar through Mauritius, while those flying from Europe or the Americas first fly to Nairobi or Johannesburg. Within Madagascar, buses, taxis, and cars are the modes of conveyance available for commuting. The easy road communication, makes the must see places in Madagascar more accessible to tourists. Along the coasts cargo boats are popularly used for traveling. Air travel is also another way of traversing across cities and towns of Madagascar.

List of must see places in Madagascar:
  • Antananarivo
  • Toamasina
  • Nosy Be
  • Antsirable
  • Anjajavy
  • Canal Des Pangalanes
  • Ankarana Reserve
  • Masoala Peninsula
  • Andasibe Mantadia
  • Tulear
  • Andasibe — Mantadia national Park
  • Berenty Reserve & Andohahela National Park
  • Mahajanga, Ampijoroa Forest Station
  • Ifaty Beach, Anakao

Cities in Madagaskar


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