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Fez, Morocco

Fast Facts

  • Location:In northern Morocco
  • Attraction Type: Historic City
  • Significance: A UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Best Time to visit: September to November, and April to June
  • How to reach: By flights to Fez; alternatively by train from Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, and Marrakech, or by road from all major Morocco cities and towns
  • Nearest Airport: Fez Airport
Fez, Morocco is a mysterious place where time seems to have stopped several centuries back. This city of forgotten pathways and uncountable minarets appears an undecipherable maze shrouded in enchantment. The unending labyrinths, ubiquitous mosques, medina madrasahs, and colorful shops make Fez a baffling city to tour and explore. Fez medina is a declared UNESCO World Heritage site, which must never be missed on a Morocco tour.

Fez at first glimpse is an ensemble of architectural varieties as viewed in the innumerable medieval buildings along either side of the streets. With horse drawn carriages plying on the streets instead of automobiles, and smokes billowing from distant chimneys, you go back several centuries as you stroll down the narrow alleys of Fez town. All people of Fez are covered from head to foot, with the women having their faces covered in veils. You cannot miss the colorful shop rooms. The entire setting is that of a typical 15th century town. The only distractions might be the mobile stores, and designer dresses shop windows.

Fez in a nutshell is the most enduring Islamic settlement which not only has survived but also maintained the traditions of medieval Morocco. It undeniably is the cultural and spiritual capital of this Northwest African country.

Fez Activities

Discovering Fez on foot is an inspiring experience. Most buildings have high windowless walls with Arabic inscriptions. The Sahrij madrasah built in the 14th century with dazzling mosaic walls in five colors is brilliant. Of these colors, white represents purity, black denotes depth, yellow represents wealth, blue denotes the sky, and green represents Islam. The Kairaouine Mosque is the most imposing and historic structures in Fez. View the remarkable handcrafted artifacts in the galleries of Dar Batha and Nejjarine Museums. Never miss a visit to 'souks', famous for their leather processing and decorating.

Dining and Accommodation in Fez

Accommodation in Fez can be arranged as per your preferences. Among the splurge hotels you could choose from Sheraton Fez Hotel, Riad Fez, Jnan Palace and Sofitel Fez. In case you would like to put up in a comfort hotel, select from Ibis Moussafir Fez, Hotel del la Paix, Dar Bennis, and Volubilis.

For lamb stews, syrups, kouskous, and sweet creams, drop in at Fez Lounge, Riad Fes, and Riad la Maison Bleue.

El Badawiya Hotel
Gamal Abdel Nasser St.
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Farafra 12311, Egypt


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