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Medina of Marrakech

Fast Facts

  • Location:In central Morocco
  • Attraction type: World heritage
  • Significance: UNESCO World Heritage for being a unique marketplace
  • Best Time to visit: April to June, September to November
  • How to reach: By flights to Marrakech and then by road; alternatively by rail from Rabat, Fez, and Tangier, or by road from all major Morocco destinations
  • Nearest Airport: Marrakech Menara International Airport
Medina of Marrakech is the busiest square in entire Africa teeming with dancers, acrobats, storytellers, musicians and water-sellers during daytime transforming into a huge open-air restaurant in the evening. The exuberance, vibrancy and intrigue of Marrakech Medina have contributed to it becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Medina in Marrakech is not much a place to see but to feel and experience. The entire ambience is intoxicating with not a single idle second. The focus here is not on visitors but on the local crowd. This place is the main trading place of merchandise brought across the Sahara Desert. Commodities are brought in by members of Toureg, Dogon, and Berber communities. Many of the goods traded here are handcrafted in the stalls set up in the Medina. It is amazing to see car tires being used to make slippers and exemplary fakes being produced in front of your eyes. Many traders engage in barter trade. It is baffling to note that this form of marketing and activity has been going on for centuries in Marrrakech Medina.

Marrakech Activities

Marrakech, often referred as the 'Red City' of Morocco, was the former imperial center of this African nation. Being located near the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, it is the gateway to exotic trekking and climbing routes. The Draa River valley and Beni Mellal waterfalls are attractive excursions from Marrakech. Katoubia Mosque symbolizing the city is an important site. The remains of El Badi Palace and Saadian Tombs are memorable attractions. Ben Youssef Medersa, with its Quranic inscriptions and brilliant decoration, is open to non-Muslim visitors as well.

Hotels and Restaurants in Marrakech

While touring Medina Marrakech you could choose your accommodation as per your demands. Sofitel Marrakech, Le Meridien N'Fis, Riad Kniza Hotel, and La Villa Des are among the top-end hotels in this Morocco city. For luxury accommodation you could choose among Sangho Club, Palmeraie Golf, Kenzi Semiramis, and Nassim Hotel.

The Medina of Marrakech is of course the finest and biggest open-air restaurant in the evening. Countless eateries prepare exotic and delicious dishes, which are a rage among visitors and local inhabitants alike. Among the more formal restaurants there are Dar Moha specialized for grilled items, Al Fassia famous for its salads and meat recipes, and Le Marrakchi renowned for its romantic ambiance. La Maison Arabe, Catanzaro, and Casa Lalla are other recommended eateries.


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