If you haven’t got a good city environment in the African continent, be sure to get impressed by the pulsating lifestyle and the clean surrounding of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. The city has always appealed to the European travelers for its quiet and clean roads and the various must-see places in Windhoek. Spread out with pubs, discotheques, and plush restaurants, Windhoek looks like a typical European city and is considered to be the safest city in the continent. While in Namibia, don’t miss to visit the must-see places in Windhoek that portray the vitality and the spirit of freedom and charm of the city.

May it be the dense forest of the national parks in the suburbs, the lush green lawns of the city parks or the Skyscrapers of the city, Windhoek has everything in store for you to enjoy every sightseeing in the city. The city is actually the center-point from where you can venture out of the other attractions in the country. However, as for the must-see places in Windhoek, start with the churches and the cathedrals or the historical monuments. Windhoek is home to the mighty and the renowned Christuskirche, located at Fidel Castro Street and Robert Mugabe Avenue. It is one of the major landmarks of the city and can be easily reached from the ant part of the city. The statuesque and spectacular architecture of this church is eye-catching. The St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Roman Cathedral are also marvelous architectural examples, you can capture in your camera.

From here, move to Turnhalle, a notable place to see in Windhoek that played a significant role in shaping the history of Namibia. To know more about the monument, check out its artifacts and the travel guidebooks to delve deeper into history. The city seems to have a peerless network of historical buildings that include everything from the smallest St. George Cathedral, the sparkling Bronze statue of Das Reiterdankmal to various government houses like Tintenpalast, Oude Voorpost, Old Supreme Courts, etc. All these and many more are ranked amongst the must see places in Windhoek. The Alte Feste, one of the oldest buildings in the city that served as the military headquarter is today a state museum that stores remnants of the Namibian independence struggle. You will be further charged by emotions if you visit the Heroes Acre that has been specifically constructed to infuse patriotism and respect for the country among the future generation. It consists of 174 graves of the renowned patriots who laid their lives in the independence struggle.

Better late than never. Finally, its time to trudge towards the darkest wilderness of the national parks, for which Namibia is specifically famous for. Though there are uncountable natural reserves in the country, and all of them are must-visits, but while you are in Windhoek, visit the Okapuka Game Reserve/Ranch I. A noteworthy must see place in Windhoek, this park would be best for the animal lovers and the adventure crazy travelers. Capture the rarest species of plants like Quiver and aloe in the Botanical garden of the Windhoek. Take a memorable voyage into the deepest chasms of the Dan Viljoen National Park to saunter around the picturesque surroundings or feast your eyes with the awesome beach of the Windhoek-Skeleton Coast and the sand dunes of the Windhoek-Sossusvlei. No matter what it is, the city life or architecture or nature, Windhoek is evermore versatile when it comes to tourists’ attractiveness.

List of must-see places in Windhoek:

  • Christuskirche
  • St. Mary’s Cathedral
  • Roman Cathedral
  • Turnhalle
  • St. George Cathedral
  • Das Reiterdankmal
  • Tintenpalast
  • Oude Voorpost
  • Old Supreme Courts
  • Alte Feste
  • Heroes Acre
  • Okapuka Game Reserve/Ranch I
  • Dan Viljoen National Park
  • Windhoek-Skeleton Coasts
  • The sand dunes of the Windhoek-Sossusvlei

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