It attracts avid travelers and nature lovers from all parts of the world. No matter whether you are fond of beaches, trekking, camping, horseriding, mountain climbing, ballooning or safaris, Africa has everything in its store to offer to tourists. Amidst the darkness of the jungle, lies the true unsullied beauty of nature that attracts tourists from all across the world. The beauty of the continent is further enhanced by the thriving urban culture that forms the weirdest, yet interesting contrast to the gloomy environment of the forests. The sprawling wilderness that covers the primary half of the continent has encouraged the government to come up with national parks, which are Places To Visit In Africa.

Popular destinations in Africa

Cape Town,South Africa Cairo, Egypt Zimbabwe
Kenya Congo Ghana
Seychelles Madagascar Zambia
Johannesburg, South Africa Sharm El Sheikh Nairobi, Kenya
Luxor, Egypt Tunisia Mauritius

Being the second-largest and the second most populous continent of the world after Asia, the enchantment of the continent is indeed awe-inspiring. With around 53 countries, the continent has much to give to you other than just the mystical forests. The great pyramids and the stalwart sphinx marks the vastness of the Egyptian culture. The great Nile that flows right through the heart of the country forms the major reason for the origination of the diverse culture of Egypt. Another Places To Visit In Africa that leaves you in awe is the great Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain in the continent.

However, if you are talking about Africa sightseeing than don’t miss the Nairobi National Park or the jungles of the Etosha National Park in Ghana. The list of must-see places in Africa also includes the dense savanna of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, the beaches of Cape Town in South Africa, the renowned fish river Canyons of Namibia and many more. The beauty and aura of the continent have become a benchmark for tourists who flock time and again to pay a visit to Africa.

List of Top 15 Tourist Destinations in Africa:

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Table Mountain National Park Great Pyramids of Giza
Kenyan Safari Cruise on River Nile Valley of the Kings
Alexandria Cape Town Mt. Kilimanjaro
Nairobi national park Coral Reefs in the Red Sea  
Congo Rainforest Serengeti National Park  

Other than the must-see places in Africa, the rich culture and heritage of Africa further intensifies the travel experience. Added to the urban development and technological advancements, you will be amazed to see that Africa still withholds the thousand-year-old cultural heritage. The entire culture is divided into major ethnolinguistic divisions, which are Afro-Asiatic, Niger-Congo, Nilo-Sharan, and Khoisan. It is actually impressive to know that all these cultures are distinctive and unique. You can even enjoy cultural programs like the Buhoma Village Community walk in Uganda, the cultural activity by Iby’Iwacu village in Rwanda, activities of the Stone Town in Zanzibar, which is some of the must-see tourist attractions in Africa. Travelers coming from distant places can not only enjoy the pristine beauty of the continent but can also dance to the melodious tune of folk songs like Tuareg music, Adulasian classical music, Samba, Music of Mauritania and many more. Other than this, you can even enhance your traveling excitement by participating in activities like Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda, Rifting in the great Nile, mountaineering in East African Savannas and many more.

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