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Islands And Archipelagos in Seychelles

Fast Facts
Location: Africa
Capital: Victoria
Currency: Seychellois rupee
Language: Creole, English and French
Best Time to Visit: Time Zone: GMT +4 Calling Code: +248 Major Airports: Seychelles International (SEZ) and Praslin Island (PRI)

Do you crave an island getaway on sugar-soft sands kissed by ocean breezes? The archipelago of Seychelles may be just the place for you. Previously occupied by both the British and French, this group of 115 granite and coral islands rests 930 miles east of mainland Africa in the Indian Ocean. Part of the Mascarene Island chain along with Mauritius and Reunion, Seychelles has consistently beautiful weather all year round because it is only four degrees south of the equator. Daytime temperatures range from 75 degrees in July and August to 88 degrees in March and April, though humidity can be rather high.
Every island is covered in lush green flora since more than 110 inches of rain fall per year. The scenery is so breathtaking, the Seychellois government has taken steps to ensure it stays that way: the constitution contains provisions to maintain nearly half of the land as nature reserves and wildlife parks. Residents have a legal right to a beautiful island to call home!
Mahé is the main island, home to the larger of Seychelles’ two airports and several five-star resorts. You can reach it or Praslin from major cities like London, Paris, Rome, Singapore and Dubai. From there, you can take another short plane flight to smaller islands like Bird, Denis, Desroche and Alphonse. There are extensive networks of helicopter and boat rides to the rest of the archipelago, though only 16 islands have accommodations because many are reserved solely for eco-tourism activities like bird watching.
Seychelles boasts some of the best beaches in the world – Mahé alone has 65! You’ll find it easy to relax without the crowding you’d find at major tourist destinations. The crystal blue waters provide stunning visibility for snorkelers and scuba divers to see the fascinating, diverse marine life. The rich coral seascape, complete with vast drop offs and submerged boats, will delight beginners and professionals alike.
Many visitors begin their vacation on the island of Mahé in Victoria, the smallest capital city in the world. The cultural center of the archipelago, it has many hotels, restaurants, art galleries, casinos and bars. It’s a great place to pick up your scuba diving gear, schedule a deep-sea fishing trip or get in a round of golf, too.
Praslin is known for its magnificent vegetation, so much so legend referred to it as the original Garden of Eden. The Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is an amazing forest filled with the famous Coco-de-Mer palm, known for producing the “love nut” because its fruit has a distinctive shape. Several species of rare birds swoop through the trees, including the Black Parrot. If you’d rather take a pass and get some sun, head to the Anse Lazio, one of the most famous beaches on Earth.
Thirty minutes away from Praslin by boat is La Digue, a time capsule in the middle of the archipelago. This island retains much of the colonial tradition, as ox-cart and bicycle are the main forms of transportation. The pace of life is easy and calm, making this a wonderful destination to enjoy some peace away from any hustle and bustle. And, if all that’s not enough, you can sail to most of the 115 islands in a private yacht!
So, whether you’re looking for a quiet honeymoon retreat or an island-hopping adventure, the Seychelles archipelago is the place for you.

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