Fast Facts

  • Location: About 3 miles from Seychelles capital city Victoria
  • Attraction Type: Marine Park
  • Significance: An enchanting and untouched tropical paradise in Indian Ocean
  • Best Time to Go: All through the year
  • How to reach: By boat from Victoria
  • Nearest Airport: Mahe International Airport

Ste. Anne Marine National Park is a natural paradise where sea life is allowed to thrive and proliferate. No motorized boats or water sports are allowed, which might cause damage to the natural fauna and flora which have been thriving here for thousands of years. The waters of Ste. Anne Marine National Park in Seychelles abound in over 150 magnificent fish varieties.

Ste. Anne Island in Seychelles is the largest of the Marine National Park Islands. Dominated by an 800 feet mountain, this island with a thick tropical cover is characterized by an undulating coastline and white beaches. Located at a distance of about 3 miles from Seychelles’ capital city Victoria, Ste. Anne Marine Park was formed in 1973 for the protection and preservation of marine life. Comprising of six islands, Ste. Anne Marine National Park is an undisturbed refuge for many birds, animals, and fishes. The Hawksbill turtle nests in this national park.

Seychelles Ste. Anne Island was discovered by explorer Lazare Picault in 1742 and occupied by French immigrants from 1770 onwards. The early settlers grew rice, corn, vegetables, coffee, and cassava for their sustenance and trading. In the early 19th century, this island went over to the British who sold it off to private owners. Thereafter, Ste. Anne Island in Seychelles became a whaling station for American and English whalers, a supply base for warships during the Second World War, and a training camp for Seychelles youths in the mid-1980s.

Ste. Anne Marine National Park Activities

The waters of Ste. Anne National Marine Park offers outstanding possibilities for snorkeling and diving. Discover the colorful and awesome underwater world in the shallow depths. In a glass-bottomed boat explore the ocean depths around the national park. The coral reefs among the clear blue waters offer an impressive sight. Take a local guide for your underwater escapades. These guides take you to undiscovered spots and provide interesting insights to Ste. Anne National Park. Water skiing and fishing in Ste. Anne National Park are strictly forbidden.

Staying in Ste. Anne Island

Ste. Anne Resort in Seychelles is a deluxe luxury resort owned by the Beachcomber group. This resort with 4 presidential suites and 78 rooms was opened in 2002 in November. The restaurant serves the most delectable dishes prepared from fresh ingredients.

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