Fast Facts

  • Location: Along southeast coast of South Africa
  • Attraction type: Mountain
  • Significance: Has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Best time to visit: Throughout the year
  • How to reach: By road from Ladysmith or Bergville
  • Nearest International Airport: Durban International Airport

Drakensberg is a natural splendor of 125 miles long mountain range of basalt. These imposing cliffs towering over vibrant forests, cascading waterfalls and riverine bushes constitute a diversified domain of landforms, habitats, and adventure sports. This unusual combination of natural habitats and topography has being acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The wonder of this mountain range bordering South Africa and Lesotho in the north extends to human art forms in the form of rock paintings by African bushmen. Paintings numbering more then ten thousands are not only baffling but also testify to the creativity of these bushmen. Incidentally these rock painted mountain face has also been adjudged a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Drakensberg Mountain locally called ‘Ukhahlamba’ or the ‘barrier of spears’ is a majestic range encompassing nearly 243000 hectares of Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg Park. This natural reserve is a unique location having tow UNESCO Heritage sites. These mind-boggling basalt rock faces which are capped by snow in winter were termed the ‘Dragon Mountain’ by the local Dutch Voortrekkers.

Drakensberg Activities

Drakensberg Range is a popular destination for adventure lovers. In case you love mountaineering the rock cliffs would thrill you immensely. For a less adventurous trip towards the top you might also trek along mountain paths. Guides are there to help you in the course of your hike consisting of steep climbs and paths through rugged terrain. Even if you are not an expert trekker, there are easy trails to enthrall you. Along your trail you might come across several cats, mountain reedbucks, and the jackal. In the open grasslands you have a fair chance of viewing grey roebuck and eland. For a more comfortable view of the mountains you might take a helicopter ride all along the 125 miles stretch.

You might also spend quality time fishing in the innumerable mountain rivers or swimming across them.

Staying and Dining in Drakensberg

The Drakensberg has the most homely accommodations for your stay during your visit to the mountain range. Vergezient Mountain Retreat, Antbear Guesthouse, Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse, and Sycamore Avenue are some of the notable places to put up. For satisfying your gastronomic needs savor the delectable recipes in The Tower of Pizza, Montusi Restaurant, and Esibayeni.

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