After you have struggled through the arduous terrains of the African wilderness, the rain-forests and the laid back capital cities of the continent, it is finally time to let loose your soul and flow with the buoyancy of Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa. For those within the country, the must see places in Johannesburg may not be a difficult proposition. Being the capital and a commercial hub of the country, Johannesburg is known for its versatility in tourism and the flashy nightlife. The calm exterior of the city in the morning gradually takes over its ravishing image as the evening falls. Even some of the mundane and ethnic places light up with joyous rhythms and gorgeous lightings. No matter whether it is the quintessential African Zoo or the groovy nightlife, the must-see places in Johannesburg are absolute entertainment for the night owls as well as the sensitive nature lovers.

In spite of not being completely safe for tourists, yet the city indeed has certain attractions and plus points that makes it a beautiful vacation destination. So, after landing in Johannesburg, pack your bags, wears your favorite shoes and casuals to take a trip to the Krugar National Park, one of the must see places in Johannesburg. A three to four hours journey from the city, your voyage to this national park will lay embedded on your mind for ever, for the breath-taking scenic beauty on the way. So, keep your camera ready to click your favorite piece of photographs. The park promises you to expose you not only to the big five but to a plethora of other creatures and trees. Also, explore the archaeological, palaeontological and geological sites of the Guten Game Reserves, situated just outside Johannesburg and capture photos of the mighty African elephants at the Johannesburg Zoo.

Next, hire a car or a guide to visit the other major places to see Johannesburg. The Apartheid Museum and the Nelson Mandel National Museum take you back to the darkest years of the country. Everything starting from the struggle of the blacks, the imprisonment of former president Nelson Mandela to the present political stability, is being depicted in these museums. Further, the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum throws light on the Soweto movement in the country. A must-see place in Johannesburg, this memorial commemorates the life and contribution of the great leader. Don’t miss a short visit to Museum Africa to peep into the cultural history of the country and the continent. Walk up to the constitutional hill to get a view of the constitutional center of the country.

Your destination is still not achieved. The true Johannesburg vibe can only be apprehended at the market places that depict the vast cultural artifacts of the country. In this context, the Flea market that itself includes Rooftop Market, Mai Mai, Bryanston Organic & Natural Market, Market Theater Flea Market and Bruma Flea Market is a brilliant must-see place sin Johannesburg. The Market Theater is yet another place you can try out to capture the culture and tradition of the country. It is home to galleries, restaurants bars, theaters, and Jazz club, thus providing a wholesome entertainment scope. This is not all. You can further stretch out your sightseeing by visiting the Johannesburg Art gallery on the precincts of the city, to admire the rare artistic prowess of the country.

List of must see places in Johannesburg:

  • Krugar National Park
  • Guten Game Reserves
  • Apartheid Museum
  • Nelson Mandela National Museum
  • Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum
  • Flea market
  • Johannesburg Zoo
  • Market Theater
  • Johannesburg Art gallery

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