Fast Facts

  • Location:40 km south of Gabes in southern Tunisia
  • Attraction Type: Hotel
  • Significance: Berber underground cavern immortalized by Star Wars movie
  • Best Time to Visit: April to October
  • How to reach: By road from Gabes to Matmata
  • Nearest International Airport: Tunis Carthage International Airport

Hotel Sidi Driss takes you to the fabled planet of Tatooine as depicted in George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’. Unearthly, gloomy and quiet, Hotel Sidi Driss in Tunisia is straight out from the sets of this epic movie. Popularly called ‘Star War Hotel’, it promises to take you to fantasyland at least for the number of days you stay.

Tunisia Hotel Sidi Driss located about 40 km from Gabes in southern Tunisia is traditionally a couple of centuries-old Berber house. Situated in Matmata at a height of 400 meters above sea level in an almost barren landscape with craters and boulders, the setting of this hotel is baffling. Originally the Berbers, to fend from enemy attacks, dug in troglodyte caves to remain secured. The interior of this amazing hotel served as Lars’ dwelling as shown in ‘Star Wars’. After Star Wars, Sidi Driss was used as locations for ‘A New Hope’ and ‘Attack of the Clones.’

The caverns with thick earthen walls and brightly whitewashed, serve as guest rooms. The Berber weavings on the walls make the guest rooms inviting. Carved niches in the walls served as storages and holes in the ceilings were used for pouring grain from outside. The empty walls are decorated with pictures of local saints and Hollywood stars. ‘Lars dining room’ with frescos is, in reality, the restaurant of this hotel, while ‘Beru’s kitchen’ is used as a storeroom.

Activities in Matmata

Matmata in Tunisia is a walker’s delight. Shale pathways with terraced inclines through patches of wildflowers and monotone earth make walking a pleasant experience. Men coggling on donkey backs and women collecting water from neighborhood tanks lend a quaint ambiance to this village. In the evening lie underneath a star-studded sky while watching shadowy figures passing in the dark carrying lanterns made from old tin cans. Matmata would take you back to a more peaceful place. Also make time to visit Tamezret stone village and Haddej troglodyte village.

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