Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in the region of lover Zambezi River in western Zimbabwe.
  • Attraction Type: National Park.
  • Significance: A national park that is beautiful enough to make one mesmerize. Canoeing on the Zambezi River is what the national park is known for.
  • Best time to Visit: June to October.
  • How to Reach: Marongora is the check-in point of the Mana Pools National Park. So, you need to reach here first and produce your reservation papers and take your entry permit. Take the main Kariba/Chirundu road to reach Makuti. Now, instead of taking left to Kariba, go straight for another 16 km to reach Marongora.
  • Nearest Airport: Harare International Airport (HRE).

They say the magic of Mana Pools National Park lies in the “pervading sense of the wild” as well as in the relative remoteness of its location. And when it comes to exploring the wild in a canoe, Mana Pools National Park certainly leaves others far behind. An adventurous’ delight, Mana Pools National Park provides you the unique opportunity to explore its wilderness in a canoe on the Zambezi River. A wildlife conservation area in the region of lover Zambezi River in western Zimbabwe, Mana Pools National Park is the home to wonderful elephants, big beefy black buffalo, leopards, lions, and cheetah. This Zimbabwe national park has also got the biggest concentration of hippopotamuses and crocodiles in the country. This national park in Zimbabwe has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mana Pools National Park is unique in quite a few senses. The word ‘Mana’ means four in Shona, which refers to the four large main pools that the national park has got along with several other smaller pools, which are scattered along the river course and the cliffs. After the rainy season, when the lakes start drying up and recede, the region becomes the land of a number of large animals that come here in search of water and hence, making the region one of the most renowned game-viewing regions in Africa.

Visiting Mana Pools National Park

Forget about the wildlife, Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe is scenically beautiful enough to make you mesmerize. Now you add with it some of the exciting species of wildlife creatures and it becomes an enticing experience to explore the Mana Pools National Park. As you enter the park, you will notice the warning of not taking the citrus fruits inside the park.

Once inside the park, you will have a rendezvous with the pink-eared hippos, huge crocodiles and wonderful elephants. If you love to go fishing, Mana Pools National Park has a lot in store for you as you can find tiger fish, large perch and slippery catfish.

Walking along the old river terraces in the open Albida woodland is another attraction of Mana Pools National Park. However, you must be accompanied by a guide as there is always a danger of coming across the dangerous animals quite suddenly. You can see here the elephant, buffalo, eland, impala, baboons, waterbuck, monkeys, warthog, zebra, and hippo. There are also lions, cheetah, leopards, and spotted hyenas inside the park, but you have to be lucky enough to have a glimpse of those.

The other attraction of Mana Pools National Park, which the park is famous for, is canoeing. Go for canoeing on the Zambezi and explore the wilderness of the park in a different way.

While visiting Mana Pools National Park, you must not miss the opportunity to go camping there. The park offers several camping sites including communal campsites, exclusive campsites, and wild exclusive campsites. Camping in Mucheni, Nkupe, Ndungu, Gwaya, Chitake Camp 1, and Chitake Camp 2, etc. could be the most memorable experience of your lifetime.

While visiting Mana Pools National Park, it is recommended to stay inside the park. There are 5 lodges inside Mana Pools National Park. The lodges have a bathroom with hot and cold running water, a fully fitted kitchen with stove, deep-freeze and all the utensils. Those also have large dining rooms and lounge.

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