Fast Facts

  • Location: At the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe in the middle course of River Zambezi
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year; September to December for game viewing and activities February to May for experiencing Victoria Falls at its gorgeous best
  • Preferred timings: Daytime
  • How to reach: By road from Victoria Falls City in Zimbabwe or from Livingstone in Zambia
  • Nearest Railway Station: Victoria Falls Station in Zimbabwe; Livingstone in Zambia
  • Nearest Airport: Victoria Falls Airport in Zimbabwe; Lusaka Airport in Zambia
  • Time required for sightseeing: 2 days

If Livingstone was mesmerized you would be dumbfounded! Victoria Falls has the distinct impression of a water curtain falling with a deafening thunder. Locally called ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ it literally means ‘smoke that thunders’. Zimbabwe Victoria Falls has continued to mesmerize travelers and explorers since David Livingstone in the 1860s. This 1708 meter wide waterfall plummeting into Zambezi gorge of the average depth of 100 meters is an awesome sight. Stand on the Knife-Edge Bridge facing the magnificent Victoria Falls and feel the spray. The mystery of this waterfall would make you come back repeatedly to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, it is rightly a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mosi-oa-Tunya is particularly stupendous in the flood season from February to May when the river Zambezi is in full spate. The spray rise to a height of 400 meters and can be viewed from a distance of 50 km. The water is so voluminous that the foot of the falls becomes invisible and the crest becomes one immense expanse of gushing water. In the dry season from September to January, the crest is interspersed with islets and the fall streams out into many arms. However, in the dry season, your chance to see the bottom of the First Gorge of the Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls is accessible from Victoria Falls City in Zimbabwe or Livingstone in Zambia. For adventure tourists, it is the adventure capital in Africa. Till the chasm, the River Zambezi flows broad and calm and is an alluring destination for river cruises. Two to three-hour river cruise during sundown is the most popular, though you can avail longer tours of a few days. You can choose from the country made small boats or larger cruise ships. On the upper Zambezi River in Zambia crocodiles and hippos are easily observed. Other animals are seen on the banks. Giant kingfishers and black eagles would flummox you.

For a closer view of the river or its banks take a canoe paddled by experienced river guides. He is careful not to take you too close to a submerged hippo or a crocodile. In a canoe, you can be nearer to the banks for a better view of animals that come to drink from River Zambezi. If you are on a larger cruise boat, watch the splendor of the mighty Zambezi River from the deck while relaxing with your favorite drink. The setting sun together with the spray mist of the Victoria Falls creates an ethereal environment. Not only the sunset cruise, but the breakfast and lunch cruises are also equally appealing.

The Zambezi River after the Victoria Falls enters Zimbabwe where its flow changes into a rapid. White water rafting is of the highest quality in the rapids of Zambezi since the water volume is sufficient and rocks minimal. In technical terms, these rapids are of Grade 5. The rapids in the gorge occur at intervals ranging from 100 meters to two kilometers. The Batoka Gorge is particularly significant as the cliffs on either side rise up to a height of 750 meters. The last part of the course is most challenging where you need to climb a stretch with gradient 3 in 1, which for a person of average fitness takes around 20 minutes. However, do not go for water rafting when the Zambezi is in full spate from February to May.

If you are not much of a water sports enthusiast enjoy the breathtaking sight of the Zambezi with the gorgeous landscape and mighty Victoria Falls from a helicopter or fixed-wing micro-light aircraft. Or just stand at the Knife Edge Bridge facing the Victoria Falls and experience the enormity of the white water curtain accompanied by its deafening roar. The spray and mist are so intense that the bottom of the fall remains invisible during the flood season. In the dry season around October to December, you can have a better view of the chasm of Victoria Falls.

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