First it was the glittering skyscrapers, the coruscating lights amidst the eerie sky that caught my eyes as we flew down towards the Hong Kong International Airport. Next, it was the furlong markets, the shimmering light beams and the queer Western influence amidst the Chinese ambiance, while I walked along the garish roadways. Beyond, there are further enchantments restored in the must see Hong Kong sites, to get deluged by the glitzy urban pep and the ethnic setting of the monasteries in the New Territories. Hong Kong with all its pomp and opulence is best for those wishing a dip into the Chinese culture, yet feel comfortable with the western touch. Comprising of three islands, namely — Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories – the city leaves you enough scope to explore variegates of sightseeings sprinkled all over. By-pass the ostentatiousness of the city or even the thriving markets, to the cool beaches: the Golden Beach and the Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach, or even swimming beaches like Butterfly Beach and the Castle Peak Beach. For the avid voyagers, there are varied must see places in Hong Kong, may it be to cherish a cruise to the Lantao Island and the beautiful spots in the Kowloon Island, or get drenched in art and history.

So, best make a trip plan, as there are galore to explore here — that can leave you clueless. Soak in the museum arti-facts, in the exquisiteness of the lithographs and the meticulous artistry of Chinese Shrines, monasteries and temples — and not necessarily in that order. For instance, a must-see Hong Kong tourist attraction, the well-known Hong Kong Museum of Art, home to diverse displays of Chinese and Hong Kong Cultural arts is excellent to saunter around gaping at the flabbergasting artworks. Wish for some mystic artistry? This museum is perfect to check out over 14000 art works consisting of calligraphy, amazing paintings, Hong Kong treasures as well as Antiques. Next, get some time to feel the true Chinese ambiance at the Middle Kingdom, to walk by the typical Chinese Street scenes, and visit shrines, temples and beautifully adorned palaces.

Destination Sha Tin! This is what you’d love to amble. Best for researches, writers as well as art and culture students, Sha Tin — commonly known as Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery — displays Buddha in ten thousand different poses and colors. An absolute stunner and a must see place in Hong Kong. So, don’t forget to carry your camera along. Get a couple of fab-shots to carry home fond memories of the city.

And, if you are all overburdened with emotions – here at Sha Tin – then be sure to get a mind-toss at the Hong Kong Space Museum. A complete contrast to religion or philosophy, this site takes you to an incredible tour into the world of science and technology. Bounteous with varied exhibits on telecommunications, robotics, energy, computers and physics, the place will keep you well harnessed with its unusual fun-scopes.

Art and history are fine, but what about fun, about shopping or those spine-tingling activities? You bet. There are enough of it in Hong Kong. May it be the wide acres of the Hong Kong Disneyland — divided into Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Main Street, USA — best for a family fun, or twisty water slides, the artificial waves and the sprawled playgrounds at the Water World, you are bound to get impressed by the cheerful environment. And, if seeking for more ‘mad-mad’ fun, there is the Ocean Park — a must see Hong Kong site. The place is best for your kids to leap around the entire oceaneruim, from the Lowland Gardens with pandas strolling around, the Gold Fish Pagoda and Butterfly House, to the Marine Land — resplendent with reefs and Shark aquariums — and the beautiful Headland Amusement Park. Not over yet – if you are thinking so — unless you tarry amidst the nature-blessed sites. The Victoria Peak summit — best place to photograph the panoramic downtown Hong Kong, and the picturesque Lantau Island to gape at pink dolphins, are amazing tourists destinations in Hong Kong. And finally, for the shop-maniacs and adventure-lovers, the Lamma Island is an excellent place to give vent to your desires. Fabulous to plunge in the azure sea or hike the stark mountain ridges, Lamma Island is also profuse with spicy sea food goodies.
Chinese – yet not fully! For the British influence still seems to dwindle amidst the ‘all-Chinese’ spirit . So, better visit to perceive the true essence of Hong Kong.

List of must see Hong Kong sites:

  • The Lamma Island
  • Lantau Island
  • Victoria Peak
  • Ocean Park
  • Water World
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Golden Beach
  • Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach
  • Butterfly Beach
  • Castle Peak Beach
  • Lantao Island
  • Hong Kong Museum of Art

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