Fast Facts

Location: 201 Renmin Da Dao, People’s Square 200 002
Time to Visit: Throughout the year
Preferred Timings: 9:30 am to 5 pm
Admission Fee: CNY 20; Free for students
How to Reach: By bus routes 46, 71, 112, 123, 145, 574, and 934; alternatively by Subway no. 1, Tunnel 6
Nearest Railway Station: Shanghai
Nearest Metro Station: People’s Square
Nearest International Airport: Pudong International Airport, Shanghai
Time required for sightseeing: 1 ½ hours

Shanghai Museum China is simply the most exhaustive museum in the whole of Asia. It has a collection in excess of 120,000 items and is a must see for scholars, historians, artists, archaeologists, and all travelers. In no other museum you will find such an enviable and stupendous collection of jades, ceramics, bronze, paintings, calligraphy, furniture, and sculptures. There are eleven special galleries having displays in twelve categories. You will be baffled by ancient Chinese philosophy and wisdom as reflected by the displayed items.

Established in 1952 December, Shanghai Museum in Henan South Road has research departments in Chinese paintings, calligraphy, artifacts, bronze and ceramics. A scientific laboratory of this Museum is responsible for preserving the cultural relics of this vast museum. Take time to visit China Shanghai Museum as you will discover interesting stories and anecdotes behind each of the exhibits.

In the Gallery of Ancient Chinese Bronze you get the opportunity of viewing bronze utensils and artifacts dating back to 21st century B.C.E., when the Xia dynasty flourished. Inscribed vessels with distinctive shapes, bronze musical instruments and weapons will amaze you. Chinese ceramic art is world acclaimed. Discover rare gray pottery from the Neolithic period. Primitive celadon from Zhou, Shang and Warring states, mature celadon from East Han dynasty, and glazed pottery in tri-color from Tang Dynasty are remarkable. Painted porcelain as also their black, white and blue glazed porcelain from Jin, Song, and Liao are brilliant. The ceramic items belonging to Qing, Ming, and Yuan dynasties are acclaimed for their superiority and aestheticism worldwide.

China has the earliest records of written scripts. Gallery of Ancient Chinese Calligraphy will take you to a journey of the development of writing over the ages. Here in this gallery you can study the handwritings belonging to the Shang and Dongzhou Dynasties. You will be intrigued to differentiate in the official script of Han Dynasty and regular running hand scripts of the Weijing Period. Cursive, running hand and regular scripts developed most in the Song and Tang Dynasties.

In the Gallery of Furniture, magnificent collections from Ming and Qing Dynasties will certainly leave you stunned. Exquisite decorations, gracious lines and extravagant material characterize wood carvings of the Qing Dynasty. You will also find wooden warrior figures in this furniture gallery. Jade display underlines the wealth and prosperity of the ancient Chinese dynasties. This precious stone was a symbol of power, wealth and dignity.

China is among the earliest civilizations to use currency coins. A massive collection of 7000 coins traces the development of currency over centuries in China. By studying the history of these coins you get a fair idea about the economic development of China and its importance as a foreign trade partner. You get to view bronze, copper, gold, silver, and iron coins as also paper currency. Have a glimpse of foreign copper, gold and silver coins in this gallery. Together with the coins, the collection of seals is astounding. A selection of over 10,000 seals testifies the cultural advancement of Chinese society over the ages.

Do not miss out on the galleries of Ancient Chinese Paintings, Chinese Sculptures, and Arts and Crafts by Chinese minority communities. Spend at least an hour and a half in Shanghai Museum China to realize one of the earliest civilizations of the world.

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