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Must see Shanghai

'Truly Chinese!', this is how Shanghai, China, taps you when you step in its urban space. The ethnic tea houses, the Chinese scriptures either parched or overhung at the corners of almost every shop, and the 'Chinese-English' diction of the locals, tenderly overpowers you by its overall cultural air. So, when it is the must see Shanghai sites, it is obviously the cultural hubs that deserves precedence. And, a break from the cultural and traditional paradigms of China — so grasped from the cultural sites here - brings you face-to-face with the wide urban swath populated with skyscrapers, plush malls as well as a vast repertoire of coffee houses and open-air restaurants fringed along the gaudy roadways. Amazing sight to gawk while passing through! For the markets, grab onto anything starting from modern products to ethnic ones, or handicrafts to sophisticated gadgets. But, the urban flash and acreages crammed with deluxe constructions, are not all you must be wishful of. There are myriads must see places in Shanghai to perceive yet, before you are home-back. The unusual class of the city is worth understanding: to divert your mind from the once fanatic communist hegemony of the city and applaud for the warm welcome of capitalism and overt economy. But for short trippers, check out the top ten sites to just enjoy your stay.

The Fairmont Peace Hotel — one of the must see places in Shanghai - portrays the history of the city before being a symbol of New China. Infact, amidst all the glitz and glamor, the site is often overlooked for its rather quaint and subtle semblance. But those with a true taste for profound architectural marvel and wish to delve into history, will find it highly appealing. Infact, the Peace Hotel takes you back to the early 1930's — the times of Victor Sasson, an opium and real-estate giant who decreed the entire city. A similar landmark like the Peace Hotel, the Children's Municipal Palace — or the Shi Shaonian - is a typical testimony of the Jewish influence in the city during the early 20th century. Contact your hotel authority well in advance to take a tour of this behemoth tourist destination in Shanghai. And, then there is the true flavor of the Chinese Shanghai that fills the air when you approach the Huxungting Tea House. Added to the cultural aura here, you'll love the ethnic house constructions that is still floating on the lake in the Old Town since 1784. After this, tuck yourself for a while in the cool environment of the Shanghai Museum, to take a break from road-tripping and cherish a stroll along the lawns, and watch the 120,000 ancient artifacts on display — can you?

If that was for the cultural and artistic must see Shanghai sites, then wait no longer, but find time to pass over major business hubs to feel the pulse of the city. The World Financial Center — a whooping 101 floor surpassing even the Jin Mao Tower — further adorns the Shanghai skyline. It is a center for official activities, and is a brilliant place to shop, dine and aim for the observation decks. There are ample number of Western-Native collaborative constructions here, but if you are looking for sightseeing, then obviously the Shanghai Grand Theater is the best to check-out first. Not to miss, the imposing Shanghai Stock Exchange, or the slender and wacky — yet awesome — construction of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower are worth the attention they achieve. And, after you are all exhausted with the extensive rambling, time for some Chinese goodies at Xintiandi — one of the favorite spot for the affluent classes in the city.

So, get hold of your preferred travelogues or peruse this - the article - to prepare your Hong Kong trip itinerary.

List of Hong Kong sightseeings:
  • Xintiandi
  • Oriental Pearl TV Tower
  • Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Shanghai Grand Theater
  • The World Financial Center
  • Jin Mao Tower
  • Huxungting Tea House
  • Children's Municipal Palace or the Shi Shaonian
  • Fairmont Peace Hotel
  • Shanghai Museum

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