Fast Facts

  • Location: South east of Guilin in Guangxi Province in south China
  • Attraction type: Riverside town
  • Significance: Unique for its 1400 year old cultural heritage, and exotic food
  • Best Time to visit: March-April, September to November
  • How to Reach: By Li River from Guilin; or by bus from Guilin
  • Nearest International Airport:Guilin Liangjiang International Airport

Yangshuo is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of a monotonous city life. Its karst landscape, coupled with its rural setting, makes Yangshuo in China a tranquil hideout for the weary traveler. The Li River winding its way through this sleepy town adds to the charm of this place. The clean air, traditional lifestyle, deep-rooted culture, and exotic food make Yangshuo an alluring destination in South China.

Yangshuo in the northeast of Guangxi is situated at a southeasterly direction from Guilin city. With a history of over 1400 years, the rural lifestyle of local Zhuang, Yao, and Hui communities is reflected in the local festivals, observed with lot of enthusiasm and gaiety.

When you travel to Yangshuo, the most noticeable feature that comes out is the eroded limestone or karst landforms along the Li River. These hills of bewildering shapes are a visual delight while cruising along River Li. The Mural Hill, Moon Hill, and Schoolboy Hill are among the famous karst formations. The pristine green hills, lush vegetation, and clear river water create an enchanting ambiance, good enough to overcome all your sorrows. A ‘Big Banyan’ tree over 1400 years on the banks of Li River in Yangshuo is just awesome.

Another characteristic that would attract your attention on your Yangshuo tour is the town itself. The town, with its quaint houses and narrow streets, still retains its rustic nature dating back to several centuries. The food that you get here is irresistible.

Yangshuo Food
Yangshuo cuisine in one word is incomparable. Whether it’s ‘shatian shaddocks’, Chinese chestnuts, niang dishes, beer fish, or kumpquats, each of these recipes is exceptional and carries a Yangshuo exclusivity. Among snack items, glutinous rice cakes or ‘songgao’,’fenli’, ‘liangfen’, and Guilin rice noodles are popular. For savoring these exotic recipes you might visit Huangjin Lian Restaurant, Fusheng Yuan Restaurant, and Sister Chen Sidewalk Beer Fish Stall. Yangshuo Hotels Yangshuo town has a choice of 4-star and 3-star rated hotels, and hostels which provide comfortable accommodation. Paradesa Yangshuo Resort, Chinatown Hotel Yangshuo, Yangshuo Regency Holiday Hotel, and The Sovereign Hotel are among the luxury hotels in this south China town. For a modest stay, you might check into Imperial City Hostel, Yangshuo West Street Hostel, or Home Inn.

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