Fast Facts

  • Location: West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia
  • Attraction Type: Island
  • Significance: Unspoilt white beaches and scenic environment
  • Best Time to Visit: The dry season between May and October
  • How to Reach: Many airlines including Merpati, GT Air and Wings Air connect Lombok with Bali. There are also flights to/from Surabaya (Java) and Sumbawa Besar and Bima (both in Sumbawa). In addition there are also twice-weekly international flights to/from both Singapore and Kuala Lumpar.
  • Nearest Airport: Mataram Aiport

Lombok remains an undiscovered charm. And with each passing day, the popularity of the island is growing big. Lombok Island in Indonesia has retained its natural, uncrowded, unpolluted and undeveloped environment, which has attracted travelers throughout the world in big numbers. It is the relaxed pace and unspoiled amazing natural beauty of the island that have made the place so popular. Lombok boasts of wonderful beaches, big volcano and more varied landscapes. It can easily be said that a trip to Lombok would surely be a memorable one for all.

Lombok Island is a part of the chain of islands that constitute the Lesser Sunda Islands. The Lombok Strait separates it from Bali. To the north of Lombok lies Java Sea, whereas to the south of it, there is the Indian Ocean. The entire length of this island, which covers an area of 2,098 square miles, is divided by two mountain chains. The southern chain is a range of limestone hills, with an elevation of up to 2,350 feet. On the other hand, the northern chain rises up to Mount Rinjani, which stands at 12,224 feet.

Attractions in Lombok
The provincial capital and the largest city on the island is Mataram. The Lombok island is full of exciting activities including various adventure sports, such as diving and snorkeling, hiking and surfing and many more. So, there are a lot in store for you in Lombok, especially if you are the one love always crave for adventures.

The coastal strip of Senggigi, located in the north of Mataram, is a nice place to be in. You can also pack your bags off to the Gili Islands, located on the west coast. The 3 Gili islands lying in the north part of Lombok are the perfect places for spending a memorable holiday. The enchanting and smooth white sandy beach and the magnificent snorkeling site are some real treat.

Kuta Lombok, situated on the southern beach of Lombok, provides dazzling and awesome views of the surrounding areas. Those who love trekking can trek up to Mt. Rinjani. It will be a unique experience for you. Even Mt. Tambora trekking will be a top-class adventure.

Before you conclude your Lombok tour, you must pay a visit to the Banyumulek village one of the main pottery centers of Lombok, specializing in decorated pots and pots with fiber covering, as well as more traditional urns and flasks. Also visit Mayura water palace. This palace was built in 1744 as a part of the Balinese Kingdoms royal court on Lombok, though most of which is in ruins now.

Accommodation and Dining in Lombok
The accommodation offered in this island are many. You can choose from any of the hotels like Novotel Resort, The Oberoi Hotel, Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort, Puri Saron Hotel, Mascot Beach Resort Hotel, Senggigi Beach Hotel, Raya Hotel, Pool Villa Club Hotel etc.

You will find plenty of places to enjoy good food. You will get fine-dining options and a great variety of choices on the menu in most of the hotels in Lombok. There are several restaurants that offer quality food. You can savor traditional Indonesian fare at cheap price. Some of the restaurants where you can taste some delicious food include The Tropicana, Asmara, Caf Alberto, Alang Alang, Basilico Italian Pavilion & Bar, Ye Jeon, Taman etc.

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