Fast Facts

  • Location:In south-central Java, Indonesia
  • Attraction Type: City
  • Significance: Historical buildings and monuments as well as center of art and education
  • Best Time to Visit: Best time to see the place is between May and August.
  • How to Reach: You may reach Yogyakarta by train from Jakarta, Bandung, or Surabaya. It is also reachable by bus from Sumatra Island, Bali Island, and most cities of Java Island. International direct flights from Kuala Lumpur are established to Yogyakarta.
  • Nearest Airport: Adisucipto International Airport

Yogyakarta, one of the best-preserved and most attractive cities in Java, is a major centre for the classical Javanese arts of batik, ballet, music, drama, poetry and puppet shows. Yogyakarta city is a place where the past exists alongside the modern. The city is not large, but it is bustling with activities.

Yogyakarta is the center of art and education, offering good shopping as well as a wide range of tourist facilities. With so many historical buildings and monuments that have preserved their former glory, Yogyakarta is a place to be, explore and enjoy to its fullest. And it is the rich ancient history of the city along with its thriving traditions and reputation, that have made its known as the cultural capital of Indonesia since a long period of time. Prospering in the amalgamation of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and local animism, Yogyakarta has been able to maintain it against the onslaught of modernity.

Attractions in Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta has many heritage buildings and monuments. One of the best attraction in the city is Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono’s palace, also known as Kraton Ngayogyakarto. Some of the other heritage buildings from colonial era are Kantor Pos Besar (Central Post Office) building and Bank Indonesia. All of these buildings are located on Sultan’s ground.

You can visit the Tugu Monument, built by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VI and located in the center of downtown Yogyakarta. Another popular attraction is the Dutch fort, also known as Benteng Vredeburg and is located in front of Gedung Agung (President’s Palace). It’s great example of the Dutch colonial architecture, where few warfare items are still preserved, including a twin cannons. Also visit Imogiri — the place where graveyard of the Yogyakarta and Surakarta royal families could be found.

Now move to Kotagede, the place which was the central economic district of Yogyakarta before independence. It held the largest marketplace and was home to many wealthy batik merchants. It still remains a prime example of ancient Javanese architecture and city structure.

In Kotabaru, you will see heritage homes as well as a colonial style church and monastery. There is also a stadium (Stadion Kridosono). There are few museums in Yogyakarta. Visit Museum Dirgantara, Museum Kekayon and Museum Sonobudoyo.

Just 40 minutes away by car from Yogyakarta, you will find an imposing Buddhist temple of Borobudur. Candi is an ancient archaeological structure constructed during the 7th-9th century. It was constructed from hundreds of volcanic or river stone blocks.

Things To Do in Yogyakarta
You can go for Becak or Andong ride. This short trip could be quite enthralling. Shopping is also an interesting activity. There are several traditions markets like Pasar Kranggan or Pasar Beringharjo where you can flock in to shop something and take those back to your home.

Reflexology massage is another attraction here. It would surely be a relaxing experience for your. You can also try out the Jogjanese.

If you love adventure, you can go for rafting at Elo river. Merapi Golf resort will also attact you if you are an avid golf lover. You can also take a dance lesson on ballet and international ballroom/latin dancing.

Accommodation and Dining in Yogyakarta
The accommodation facilities in Yogyakarta is excellent. Sosrowijayan Street is the place to find reasonably priced accommodations. As a tourist, you will have wide range of accommodation in Yogyakarta. Some of the high-end hotels include Melia Purosani, Mercure, Sheraton Mustika Hotel etc. Few budget hotels can be named as Hotel Bladok, Setia Kawan, Losmen Nuri, Wisma Gajah etc.

Eateries in this area are many and offer tasty dishes. You will also find McDonald’s and KFC. The city is filled with many first-class and mid-range restaurants serving several a wide range of dishes, from western to Asian to Asian-fusion cuisines. Gabah Resto, Gajah Wong, Royal Garden Restaurant, Seven Resto, Dixie Easy Dining, Bakmi Kadin, Gudeg Sagan, Kedai Tiga Nyonya etc. are some of the popular places to dine out.

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