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Places to visit in Iraq

hen setting out on your sails, you might as well ask yourself exactly why you must see places in Iraq. Most of you might have qualms of thoughts to answer this question. While some might think about the magnificent mosque domes rising high up the zenith, many might still think about the unrest associated with the place. If you want to explore Iraq, and have doubts concerning the security, we would suggest, not all that you hear of the turbulence is true. Whilst the news of the earlier combats was correct, similarly the development in tourism and advancement in political surveillances are even factual too. For the ones who thought Iraq was all about mosques, we assure there is certainly more locked up in the Pandora box.

Geographically, the Republic of Iraq is edged by Syria in northwest, Jordan in west, Iran in the east, Turkey in the north, with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to its south. The place has a very old and common epithet, which is “Cradle of Civilization”. The fertile and ancient plains of this place, is where the Sumerian Civilization arose. Besides this, there is yet another reason that makes the must see places in Iraq distinct. Pages of history reveal that, that the republic has had several influences of dynasties and empires. To name few would be the Mongol invasions, Islamic golden era and the rule of the Ottoman Empire. The impacts are visible in the architecture in various cities of Iraq.


Places you must see in Iraq

We begin with the capital city Baghdad. The name would remind you of the colorful land of the fictional character Alibaba and Aladdin’s Genie. Known as the city of Caliphs, this is where Sindbad, the famous legendary character was born. You can take a soothing drive along river Tigris, over which the city is located and have a look at the Jumhouriya Bridge. Take a glimpse of “The 14 July Suspended Bridge” that takes you back in to the era the "shah’s". Other places that you can see in Baghdad are the monasteries and the ancient churches. The famous ones are-


Church of Meskenta

Syrian Catholic Church

Latin Church

Dhafariya (Wastani) Gate

The Latin Church

Kadhimain Shrine

Walls and Gates-Mu'adham (North) Gate

The Abbasid Palace

Basaliya Gate

Halaba (Talisman) Gate



Known as “Suleymaniyah” in Arabic, this ranks as the third biggest city in Iraq. The colorful bazaars are what make the Iraqi Kurdistan famous. You will find many of them here, selling attractive items as ornate Persian silk and garments, morocco jewelry and artifacts, edible foods, Turkish mattress and other specialties’ of the republic. One of the major attractions is Amna Suraka. The literal meaning is “red security”. It is the earlier security prison during the rule of Saddam Hussain. The place also houses a museum, having a collection of photos of attacks done against the Kurds during the 1980’s. Other significant places to visit would be the teahouses.”Sha'ab Chaikhana” is a renowned one. A place where the poets, artists, intellectuals and novelists of Slemani used to accumulate and share their thoughts. Halabja is a place from where you can enjoy scenic views of the mountains.



Known as the “Venice of the East”, Basra is one of the popular tourist destinations in Iraq. The copious canals, that run through the intricate channels renders the republic a beauty of its own.



Most often than not the place is known as “Zakho”. It is the first town as you travel across the Turkey border. As you, take a stroll on the main streets you will come across the kebab stalls, moneychangers, chaixanes and the photo shops. All this leads you to the Kurdish flag that is in the vicinity. You can visit one of the main attractions, is Pira Delal, which is a striking ancient stone bridge.



Make a point to visit the second largest city known as Mosul. Owing to its attractive sites, it is a popular tourist hub of Iraq. Places that you can visit here are-

  • The Umayyad Mosque
  • Qara Serai( Black Palace)
  • The Great ( Nuriddin Mosque)
  • The Mujahidi Mosque

Make it a point to visit the Kadhimain Shrine, located at Al-Kadhimeyya. One of Iraq’s oldest towns, this was termed as the Shoneezi, meaning Black grain in Arabic. Historical monuments, exquisite city buildings and vibrant bazaars is what tourist attractions in Iraq is all about.


Fast Facts


Location: Iraq
Capital: Baghdad
Currency: Iraqi dinar (IQD)
Language: Kurdi, Standard Arabic, Turkish, Egyptian, English
Best time to Visit: Spring and Winter
Time Zone: GMT + 3
Calling Code: 964
Major Airports: Baghdad International Airport


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