Fast Facts

  • Location: Masada, Israel
  • Attraction Type: Palaces and Fortifications
  • Significance: UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • How to Reach:By cable car or the Snake Path on foot
  • Nearest International Airport: Ben Gurion International airport at Tel Aviv

The remains of Masada tells the tale of one of the most valiant resistances in history, a handful of Jews protecting their culture, religion, and self rule against the Roman imperialist machinery. Even now, what remains of this ancient fortification can fill you with wonder and awe. It is only a 90 minute drive from Jerusalem, and you cannot afford to miss it during your Israel visit. Nestled amidst the Judean Desert and commanding the view of the Dead Sea, the site of Masada in Israel is said to be the last defensive effort of Jewish patriots, who faced the Roman military blockade about 2,100 years back.

Constructed as a palace compound, Masada reflects the classic architectural patterns of the early Roman Empire. On going to this site, you will be able to see the military blockade works of the Romans. It is a sheer delight to explore the fortifications, camps, and assault ramps that were built around the monument.

Things to do in Masada
The experience will be unique as you walk through the Snake Path on the eastern part of the mountainous terrain. If you are an adventure junkie, then hiking this trail is certainly a good idea. However, if you want to go to this site with ease, then opt for a cable car ride. You will enjoy your journey any way.

Highlights of Masada
Masada is well known for its tourist highlights of architectural and archaeological importance. The Roman ramp gracing the western side of Masada has stood the test of time. The ramp can be ascended on foot. You will also encounter several old buildings in the vicinity, which have been reinstated from their remains. You will find the wall paintings of the two main palaces of Herod here. There are roman-style bathhouses also. Besides, it is a delight to see the fortification walls built by the Romans around Masada. Don’t miss the view of the 11 barracks of the Roman soldiers here. Apart from this, you will also come across a newly opened museum here. The museum houses a good collection of the archeological findings. An interesting thing about this museum is that it displays the archeological findings in a theatre-like setting.

How to reach Masada (Fortifications, World Heritage Site)

You can reach Masada by hiking or a cable car ride. Hiking will take you near about 45 minutes and cable car ride can be completed in 10 minutes. Either way, you are sure to enjoy the beauty of this stupendous region.

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