Fast Facts

  • Location: Located on Klausner Street, on the Tel-Aviv University Campus in Israel.
  • Attraction Type: Museum.
  • Significance: It is one of the biggest museums in the world specialising in the history of the Jewish People.
  • Best time to Visit: Throughout the year.
  • How to Reach: If you are coming down by air, you need to land at Tel Aviv Airport. Take a car to reach the museum. Tel Aviv is also connected to the rest of the country by rail network. Buses are also available from all parts of the country.
  • Nearest Airport: Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV)

It tells the unique and ongoing story of the Jewish People, it tells more about the special bond between the Jewish People and Israel, in fact, to be very precise, it tells everything about the Jewish People. Well, we are taking about Museum of the Diaspora, also known as the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, or The Nahum Goldmann Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, or simply Beth Hatefutsoth. Museum of the Diaspora uses permanent exhibitions to tell the story about the Jewish people. It has got rich digital database resources of Jewish genealogy, communities, family names, films, music and photographs. If you want to know about the Jewish people, there is no better way than exploring the Museum of the Diaspora to its fullest.

Located on Klausner Street, on the Tel-Aviv University Campus in Israel, Museum of the Diaspora was established in 1978. It was an initiative of the then President of the World Jewish Congress, Dr. Nahum Goldmann. It brings the history of the Jewish people since the exile after the destruction of the First Temple 2,600 years back to the present day. Museum of the Diaspora provides its visitors the unique opportunity to experience the community, culture, faith and family of the Jewish people. So, you have a lot in store at the Jewish Diaspora Museum.

Visiting Museum of the Diaspora
Unlike other museum, the displays of Museum of the Diaspora are not arranged in chronological order. Further, most of the artifacts do not have intrinsic values. Rather, those are the replicas highlighting the shades of Jewish life.

Museum of the Diaspora has got several core exhibitions thought which it tells about the various aspects of Jewish people. These exhibitions take the visitors on a journey across the various eras and lands of Jewish life. ‘The Gate of the Family’ showcases hundreds of photographs of contemporary Jews throughout the world via a colorful slide show. You can learn about the Jewish lifecycle events, festivals, and holidays. ‘The Gate of Community’ brings up the intriguing exploration of infrastructures of Jewish communal life. ‘The Memorial Column’ commemorates Jewish martyrdom. ‘The Gate of Faith’ has got displays of eighteen miniature synagogue reproductions. ‘The Gate of Culture’ showcases the array of Jewish thought and creativity. ‘Among the Nations’ has got a collection of 13 stations which reflect the interaction between the Jews and their hosts. ‘Return to Zion Gate’ has got a series of visual images demonstrating the yearning of the Jews. Besides these, there are also a number of temporary exhibitions that the Museum of the Diaspora regularly arranges.

Museum of the Jewish Diaspora has got an enviable database and collections of Jewish artifacts. It includes Jewish Genealogy, Jewish Communities, Visual Documentation, Jewish Music and Jewish Family Names.

While visiting Museum of the Diaspora, you can go for several guided tours that are regularly organized. You can choose from the tours like Family Adventure: The Routes of Your Roots, Mosaic of the Jewish People, Dilemmas of the Jewish People: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow etc.

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