Fast Facts

  • Location: In the eastern corner of Kyushu Island in Japan
  • Attraction type: Town
  • Significance: A town renowned for its hot springs and volcanic hot mud pits
  • Best time to visit: Throughout the year
  • How to reach: By road from Oita; alternatively by train from Kokura and Fukuoka
  • Nearest Airport: Oita Airport

Beppu in Japan is renowned for its hot water springs. This city has more hot water springs than any other Japanese city or town. Not only hot water springs, Beppu is also famous for its variety of baths. Apart from the common hot water baths there are a number of mud baths, steam baths, and sand baths. Each variety has its own benefits and appeal.

Beppu, popularly famous as Onsen city is on the eastern corner of Kyushu Island in Japan. With the Beppu Bay to its east and Mount Tsurumi to its west this city provides a unique combination of mountain and the sea added to its abundance of hot springs and baths. Of the usual eleven forms of hot springs usually seen worldwide, ten varieties exist in Beppu in Japan. The most outstanding sight as you go around the town is that of steam and fumes rising from In addition to being a natural wonderland, Beppu is equally famous for its gambling industry and is often referred to as Japans Las Vegas.

Beppu Activities
The hot springs or onsens are the major attractions of Beppu. Takegawara Onsen is a classic hot bath developed by Meija rulers. Prior to taking a bath it is customary to bury yourself in hot sand up to your neck. After spending about ten minutes in this manner you might proceed for your hot bath. The other notable hot springs are Tanayu Onsen in Kankaiji, Utopia Hamakawi Onsen in Hamawaki, Tsukahara Onsen in Myoban. Onsen Hoyoland in Kannawa, Horita Onsen, Shibaseki Onsen and Hamada Onsen in Kamegawa.

The hells or jigokus are equally famous attractions of Beppu. These multicolored pits of mud and boiling water emit odor of burnt sulfur or rotten eggs. These ten hells remain open from 8 am to 5 pm and you need to buy tickets to visit them. Of these ten, six hells, namely Umi Jigoku or Sea Hell, Yama Jigoku or Mountain Hell, Shiraike Jigoku or White Pond Hell, Oniishibozu Jigoku or Shaven Monks Head Hell, Kanado Jigoku or Boiling Hell, and Oniyama Jigoku or Demon Mountain Hell are within walking distance from one another.

The Tatsumaki Jigoku or Geyser Hell and Chinoike – Jigoku or Blood Point Hell are a little farther away. Two more jigokus, the Kinryu or Golden Dragon Hell and Honbouzu or Mud Hell are located still farther.

Hotels in Beppu
For a thrilling tour of the onsens and jigokus you could stay in any of the elegant hotels in Beppu. Suginoi Hotel, Minshuku Kokage, Happy Neko, Spa Hostel Khausan Beppu, and Beppu Guest House are the notable places of accommodation in this town.

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