Fast Facts

  • Location: In Himeji Town in Hyogo Prefecture
  • Time to Visit: All round the year, except 29th December to 31st December
  • Preferred Timings: 1st June to 31st August — 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    1st September to 31st May — 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Entrance Fee: Adult (15 yrs. or more) — Â¥ 600; Child (3 yrs. — 14 yrs.) – Â¥ 200
  • How to Reach: By Shinkansen line from Tokyo or Kyoto to Himeji station
    By JR Express train from Osaka or Kobe to Himeji station
    10 minutes walking distance from Himeji station
  • Nearest Railway Station: Himeji
  • Nearest International Airport: Kansai International Airport Osaka
  • Time required for sightseeing: 1 ½ hours

Himeji Jo Castle takes you back to the valiant days of the samurai in Japan. This medieval castle constructed of huge stone blocks and white plastered walls had the interiors made of wood. Himeji Jo Castle in Japan is supposedly the most impressive of all Japanese castles and has deservedly been chosen a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992. This castle located in Himeji town in the Japanese prefecture of Hyogo is a must visit in your itinerary in the ‘land of the rising sun’.

The white appearance of the castle has earned itself the nickname of ‘White Heron.’ It was important to plaster the wooden walls not only as reinforcement but also as a fire retardant. Japan Himeji Jo Castle is recognizable from a fair distance since its tower of over 46 meters is built on Himeyama hill of elevation of also about 46 meters. Thus the entire structure stands about 92 meters above sea level. Not only the height, you would also be baffled by its effective defensive design. The interior is comparable to a maze, and there is every possibility of your losing way once inside the castle. Take the assistance of a guide when visiting the interiors of this bewitching castle.

The construction of Himeji Jo Castle dates back to the early 3rd decade of the 14th century during the reign of Norimura Akamatsu. Built as a fort by this ruler of Harima District in Himeji region, it was modified into a three storied castle by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1581. Subsequently in 1601, Terumasa Ikeda, son-in-law of Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, rebuilt the castle by adding two towers to the existing three storied tower. He also constructed three additional smaller towers. Further constructions were made during the inheritance of the Honda dynasty around 1618. Subsequently the Himeji Jo Castle of Japan was owned by the Matsudaira, Sakakibara, and Sakai families till 1868 when the feudal system collapsed.

To reach Himeji Jo Castle take the Shinkansen line between Okayama and Osaka and alight at Himeji station. Himeji is also accessible from Kyoto and Kobe. After reaching Himeji walk down 10 minutes to reach this historic castle.

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