If you are an avid traveler, and have been to places all throughout the globe, but is particularly curious to know about Japanese history, then Kyoto is the place for you. Whether a long or a short visit, the must see Kyoto sites will sure leave a mark in you, for its ethnic surrounding and the pure Japanese aura. Unlike other cities in Japan, Kyoto is one-of-a-kind place you ‘ll love to visit for its museum artifacts and historical sites that adorns the entire city – that is responsible to add the deserving traditional touch. More than just art, what make everything here a must see place in Kyoto, is the typical resemblance among all architectures. It is the symbol or the good luck signs at almost everywhere that would stun a first-time visitor. While the city is often known as the city of history or art, most of you’ll also love it ‘s calmness, the traditional Japanese spirit and the countryside aura — cut-off from the city humdrum. Amazing to sojourn amidst solitude and greenery.

First there’s the Kyoto Station, at the heart of the city known for its unique construction. The futuristic -looking building can mesmerize in-coming passengers for its endless pulse and liveliness. Resplendent with glittering shops, plush restaurants and a gaming arcade, the station indeed — though only a center for people to avail rail transport — deserves a visit. Further, the soaring high atrium and escalators guiding you to the roof-top observatory make your visit unforgettable. Travelers dropping down here can sure get a feel of the city vibe before even stepping out of the station. Next on line is the Nijo Castle — one of the most sought after must see places in Kyoto for its architectural prowess and the heritage attached. Home to Tokugawa’s shogun, Ieyasu, in the 17th century, what makes this an ultimate must-visit is its floorboards, which will creak if walked on. Masterpiece architecture to understand movements of enemies! While there’s not much scope for nature-watching, you can always plan a trip to Kiyomizudera Temple — meaning “Temple of Pure Water”. Beautified with cherry blossom gardens all around and nestled amidst a historic hull, the temple us one of the best tours destinations in Kyoto. And, if not for the natural vistas around, the place is equally known to be a famous for the Shinto Shrine — believed to be the popular place for those seeking for their loved ones or partners. Or, for more of architectural grandeur or history, there is the Kinkaji — the temple of the Golden Pavilion — a retiring place for the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. Walk around the facades, gape at the unusual architectural adroitness of artists of the time.

For those, ready to ramble and explore every bit of the place, should well pay a visit to the renowned museums as well. Amongst all, the Kyoto National Museum is the most renowned one and a must see Kyoto site for locals as well as tourists alike. Other than stunning exhibits like Japanese ceramics, costumes, paintings, sculptures and lacquerwares and other priceless ancient treasures, the museum -situated inside a Baroque styled building – testifies the art evolution from time to time. And, not to miss, The Kyoto National Manga Museum is a must stop for kids and adults alike — those who love comic book characters. Others like the Tea ceremony utensil collections at Raku Museum, and the Textile exhibits s— also open to sale – at Shosuikaku, an exquisite pre-ware villa, are also excellent place top drip by.

List of must see Kyoto site:

  • Kyoto National Manga Museum
  • Raku Museum
  • Shosuikaku,
  • Shosuikaku,
  • Kyoto Station
  • Nijo Castle
  • Kiyomizudera Temple

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