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Fast Facts

  • Location:Located 48 km north of the capital Amman, towards Syria, in northern part of Jordan.
  • Attraction Type: City
  • Significance: Known throughout the world for its Roman ruins.
  • Best time to Visit: Best is July, because it coincides with the Jerash Festival.
  • How to Reach: If you are coming down by air, you need to land at Amman. From 8th Circle in Amman, you need to take the north-west road out towards Salt.
  • Nearest Airport: Queen Alia International Airport (AMM).

Jerash is for you if you love history, Jerash is for you if you love archaeology and Jerash is for you love to explore those at first hand. Jerash is the city of Jordan that would take you back to thousands of years back as you fall into the ruins of Greco-Roman city of Gerasa. It is the Roman ruins that have brought the city into the fame. And as an archaeology lover, you have a lot to explore in this wonderful Jordan city.

Located 48 km north of the capital Amman, towards Syria, in northern part of Jordan, Jerash has got rich history that dates back as early as the Bronze Age. After the Roman conquest in 63 BC, the Roman province of Syria annexed the city and its surrounding areas. It later joined the Decapolis cities. Later in the AD 90, Jerash was included into the Roman province of Arabia. It was in the second half of first century AD when Jerash achieved great prosperity. The Emperor Trajan started construting roads during AD 106. Later during AD 129-130, the Emperor Hadrian visited the place and the Arch of Hadrian was built to celebrate his visit. But the city saw rapid decline during the Persian invasion in AD 614. Finally, a major earthquake destroyed much of the city in AD 749. The excavation and restoration of the city started in 1920s. Since then, a lot have been excavated. The ruins of the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa, also referred to as Anitoch on the Golden River are surely going to mesmerize you. So, explore it to its fullest.
Visiting Jerash

The biggest attraction of Jerash is surely its Roman ruins. Visit Hadrian’s Arch — built in 129 AD and Hippodrome — a partially restored Roman-era stadium. You can also see the two shows at the Hippodrome, viz. Roman Army and Chariot Experience.

Visit the Archaeological Park. There is a visitor center at the entrance of the park. The ruins are fairly extensive. Visit the Forum, The Cardo, Agora, Temple of Artemis, Nymphaeum, South Theater, and don’t to forget the Jerash Archaeological Museum.

During each summer, the city organizes annual Music and Arts Festival, which could be quite fascinating to attend. So, if you eventually visit the city during that time, it can also be another highlight of your Jerash tour. Accommodation

There is no dearth of options for accommodation in Jerash. You will find a number of hotels for all sorts of travelers. Some of the hotels in Jerash can be listed as Hadrian’s Gate Hotel, The Olive Branch etc. You can also go for camping in Jerash. Olive Branch Resort and Dibbin National Park are two popular options for camping.


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