Fast Facts

  • Location: Cedars of God Forest, Lebanon
  • Significance: You can find its references in the religious texts. It is counted in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites too.
  • How to Reach: You can take a route of northern coastal highway at Chekka and move towards Amyoun. Keep moving through Kousba, Toursa, Hadath El Jebbe, Hasroun, and Bqaa Kafra, which would ultimately lead you to Cedars of God Forest.

Do you know that the Cedars of God Forest, Lebanon is also referred to as the “Cedars of the Lord” or “Arz el Rab”? The Cedar trees, which are termed as The Cedar of God in Lebanese dialect, find their mention in biblical texts over 70 times. In fact, in the Epic of Gilgamesh, you will find that the Lebanon cedar groves have been referred to as the dwelling of the gods.

Well, it is also interesting to know that the Cedars of God Forest have been used by different cultures for varied purposes. If Egyptians used them in mummification, the Jews built their temples with them. Some made an extensive use of cedar trees for building houses and trade ships and for some these became an indispensable elements in ceremonies.

With these few but important fast facts in mind, when you would take a trip to the Cedars of God Forest in Lebanon, you are sure to feel captivated to its sanctity. The fragrance of the cedar woods and their towering height are other features to relish.

You must not miss to view the beauty of this forest during sunset. The divine look of the cedars and the forest, as a whole, will leave you completely mesmerized. If you want, you can also take a sneak peek at Becharri the village. This will again add to an unparalleled experience of the whole visit to this one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Lebanon.

To bask in the beauty of the cedar trees at its best, you can consider a look of the Mount Makmel slopes, where Cedars of God are sprawling over an area of 2000 meters. It will be a delight to see some of the trees which are over one hundred years or even more than thousand years old.

Symbol of Lebanon:
There was a time when the country of Lebanon was absolutely covered with dense cedar forests. It was owing to this that the cedar forests became a symbol of the place. Although in present times due to continuous deforestation the denseness of the cedar forests have gone down to a noticeable extent in major portions, but mountainous regions are still found to be densely covered with them.

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