Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in south Gobi Desert, near Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.
  • Attraction Type: Desert.
  • Significance: A place in the south Gobi which is known for first nest of dinosaur eggs and other fossils.
  • Best time to Visit: May to September.
  • Visiting Hours: During the daytime.
  • How to Reach: You need to reach Ulaanbaatar first. Overseas travelers need to come at Chinggis Khaan International Airport. Take a taxi to reach Flaming Cliffs in south Gobi.
  • Nearest Airport: Chinggis Khaan International Airport (ULN).

Come to Flaming Cliffs, it would take you to the age of dinosaurs! An area in the Gobi desert, Flaming Cliffs is known to the world for the first nest of dinosaur eggs and other fossils. A wonderful site dominated by orange color rocks, Flaming Cliffs is full of red sand, scorching sun and vast vacant land. To add with these, a number of important fossils and some specimens of dinosaurs like Velociraptor, Oviraptor, Protoceratops and Therizinosaurus have made this place a must visit place for every travelers for at least once in a lifetime.

Discovered in 1922 by Roy Chapman Andrews, Flaming Cliffs, also known as Bayanzag, is the site in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia which has been pretty hot and dry since the very beginning. Many of the dinosaur fossils that have been found here were actually buried in sudden sandstorms. Besides its dinosaur connection, the place also showcases a different shade of nature — hot, dry, and pretty hard. The surroundings, dominated by orange rocks and red sand are too appealing as well.

Things to Do
Flaming Cliffs is a natural wonder and the best way to explore it is by foot once you reach at the spot. As the climate here is too hot and dry, one needs to be prepared to cope with this. The most popular attraction of the place is certainly the rich fossils. And not to forget the dinosaur egg shells — it can make you spellbound. The sandstone glows a sparkling red during the sunrise and sunset and it becomes an amazing frame for the travelers. Remember, you may need to walk several miles over uneven terrain in hot desert conditions here. So be prepared for that.

Also visit the Yolyn Am Valley, at the foot of the Gurvansaikhan Mountain. It would be an amazing experience for you as you hike amidst magnificent canyon scenery, observing yaks.

You can visit Flaming Cliffs at your own; else you can also go with any travel agency. A number of travel agencies regularly conduct trips to Flaming Cliffs from Ulaanbaatar

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