Fast Facts

  • Location:North and north-western China and southern Mongolia
  • Attraction Type: Desert
  • Significance: An opportunity to discover the huge desert
  • Best Time To Visit: June or September
  • How To Reach: Most international flights go to Ulan Bator and from there many domestic flights and trains go to the rest of Mongolia
  • Nearest Airport: Dalanzadgad Airport

Planning to visit a destination different from the usual, then you can surely go to the famous Gobi desert. The Gobi is a cold desert, and you will see frost and occasionally snow on its dunes. This desert is one of the world’s great deserts, covering much of the southern part of Mongolia. There are few sand dunes in the Gobi; mostly you will find large barren expanses of gravel plains and rocky outcrops. The climate is extreme and the temperature reaches + 40° C in summer, and – 40° in winter. Precipitation average is less than 100 mm per year, while some areas only get rain once every two or three years.

The Gobi Desert is characterized by harsh conditions and extreme temperature which pushes most living beings to their limits.

What To Do in Gobi Desert
Traveling through the huge desert will be a unique and adventurous experience. Moving through the mighty desert will be once in a lifetime affair. Great Gobi National Park is one of the largest World Biospheres. Here you will find the last remaining two-humped camels, wild ass, and a small population of Gobi bears. You can also explore the Gurvansaikhan National Park. There is a lot to see within the Gobi, from wildlife parks and mountains to canyons with dramatic rockfaces.

The camel trekking in Gobi desert is a great way to tour the desert. This way you can explore the mighty desert.

Check out one of the few areas of sand dune formations in Gobi. Khongoryn Els reaches up to 200m in height and is a popular tourist destination.

Visit the One Hundred Trees Oasis in Gobi. It is a small oasis on the northern edge of the desert providing food and drinking water for herders and their livestock. Ekhiingol is a small and isolated oasis in the Southern Gobi, surrounded by barren desert.

From Gobi, explore the Yol Valley to see the midsummer glacier.

The best way to experience the Gobi desert is by camel or by Jeep ride or by a combination of both. Many local as well as international tour companies provide interesting itineraries with basic accommodations. This memorable journey to the Gobi Desert of Mongolia will take you to many wonders of this massive arid land.

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