Fast Facts

  • Location: Most parts of Mongolia
  • Attraction Type: Adventure
  • Significance: Mongolia Expeditions’ horse riding tours
  • Best Time To Visit: The best season is the summer, between May and October
  • How To Reach: After reaching Ulan Bator, you can contact the local operated tours to travel around on horseback in Mongolia
  • Nearest Airport: Chinggis Khaan International Airport in Ulan Bator

Are you the adventurous kind? Do you love to travel? If your answer is yes then Mongolia is the place for you to enjoy horseback riding. The country is an extraordinary area of geographical and human diversity. Right from forest to desert to steppe and lake lands, Mongolia offers the best of nature.

Mongolia is populated by over fifteen distinct ethnic groups. Horses have special significance here. These are deeply embedded within Mongolia’s culture and are an indication of a man’s wealth. Travel through Mongolia just the way the locals do! By exploring Mongolia on horseback, you will not only enjoy the fun of trekking on Mongolian horses but also experience a sense of unity with local herders and the surrounding nature.

The famous Chinggis Khaan and his comrades traveled to Europe by horse, and till this day it remains the most common and trusted form of transport. Horses go where roads and petrol do not exist, and where walkers would be tired by the rough terrain. Most nomadic families have a herd of horses. In the summer months mare’s milk is fermented to make a drink which is loved by Mongolians and drunk in large quantities. A good horse is a man’s most prized possession in Mongolia

Discover unexplored paths, follow rivers, cross forests and mountain passes on horseback. Mongolia Expeditions’ horse riding tours will take you to many different parts of the vast country. You can enjoy any of the following expeditions in Mongolia.

  • Horseback Riding in Hovsgol
  • Horseback Riding in Central Mongolia
  • Horseback Riding in with the Eagle Hunters
  • Horseback Riding in Khentii
  • Horseback Riding with the Tsaatan People
  • Horseback Riding in the Eight Lake Area

Mongolia is a paradise for adventurous people. You can ride the sturdy Mongolian horses in the wild mountains and the visit the sacred lake of the Mongols. This wonderful horseback riding trip is a great opportunity to know more about Mongolia and its history. Mongolia has maintained most of its centuries-old nomadic tradition.

The horseback riding in Mongolia takes you to the surrounding area and part of the Lake Khuvsgul National Park, comprising of high mountains, dense taiga forest, meadows of wildflowers and clear rivers. As a tourist, your big attraction of Mongolia is the chance to view the grasslands, which are home to goats, sheep, cattle and the famous Mongolian horses and camels.

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