Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in the northern most tip of Palawan in Philippines, about 238 km northeast of Palawan and 420 km southeast of Manila.
  • Attraction Type: Coastal Town.
  • Significance: Wonderful coastal town known for amazing beaches and a range of aquatic adventures.
  • Best time to Visit: March to May.
  • How to Reach: Direct flights are available from Manila to El Nido. Buses are available from Puerto Princesa. You can also hire a van from there.
  • Nearest Airport: El Nido Airport (ENI).

El Nido is a picturesque beauty, a traveler’s paradise and a photographer’s delight. Known for its amazing landscapes, sandy beaches, crystal clear water, limestone cliffs and stunning inlets, El Nido is a destination of lifetime. The bounty of nature, El Nido is also a perfect place for fishing. In fact, apart from tourism, the place also heavily depends upon fishing as a source of income. However, not only fishing, El Nido has, in recent years, become a popular name when it comes to various adventure activities like diving, kayaking and snorkeling. So, no matter whether you are looking forward to enjoy the beauty of nature or want to go for some thrilling aquatic adventure, El Nido could perfectly be the destination for you.

Located in the northern most tip of Palawan in Philippines, about 238 km northeast of the capital of the Palawan province — Puerto Princesa and about 420 km southeast of the capital of the nation — Manila, El Nido is the destination that showcases the geology and diverse wildlife of Philippines. The majestic limestone cliffs over the crystal clear water, a varied species of tropical fishes and corals, a number of sea turtles including three endangered species, and amazing forests that house more than 100 species of birds — a lot are in store for you at El Nido.

Things to Do
There are plenty to visit in El Nido. Be it the wonderful lagoons, coral reefs, caves, hidden beaches and coves, or the hot springs and waterfalls on the mainland, you will be flooded with options.

Beaches are some of the greatest attractions of El Nido. It will be a great adventure for any traveler to explore various hidden beaches in El Nido. It is too thrilling to camp on one of the beaches for a night. You can also reach Cadlao Island and Helicopter Island by paddling.

El Nido is also the perfect destination for kayaking, snorkeling, cliff climbing, diving and trekking as well. So, pump up your adrenaline and go for some adventure. The western part of this coastal town is known for rock climbing. People also go there for walking.

Fishing is another popular activity in El Nido. You will find pelagic fish in this part of the world.

You will find a number of hotels in El Nido that cater to the needs for accommodation for travelers of all sorts. Some of the hotels can be named as below:

Taiyo Beach Resort
El Nido
Tel: 207-771-3399

Minilo Island Resort
El Nido 5313
Tel: 207-894-5644

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