Fast Facts

  • Location:20 km from Kyaikhtiyo town
  • Time to visit: October to March
  • Preferred timings: Day time
  • How to reach: By train or car to Kyaikhtiyo town from Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. Yangon International Airport is connected to a number of major Indian destinations as well as Jakarta and Bangkok by flights of Indian Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airlines. From Kyaikhtiyo, it is another 12 km by road to Kimmunsakhan at the base of the hill
  • Nearest railway station: Kyaikhtiyo
  • Nearest International Airport: Yangon International Airport
  • Time required for sightseeing: 1 day

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda Myanmar is an unsolved mystery. The Pagoda of Kyaikhtiyo is constructed around a massive boulder balanced precariously on a tabular rock. It is bewildering that how such an immense boulder can rest on another rock and that too at such a precarious angle. According to legend the balance of the boulder is maintained by a hair strand of Lord Buddha inside the pagoda. You have to see this Golden rock in Kyaikhtiyo to believe your eyes.

This pagoda or ‘Golden rock‘ Myanmar is located at an approximate distance of 20 kilometers from Kyaikhtiyo town which in turn is about 160 km from Yangon the capital of Myanmar. The term Kyaikhtiyo may intrigue you. As per local Mon tradition it is morphed from Kyaik-ithi-yo where ‘Kyaik’ stands for pagoda, ‘ithi’ is hermit, and ‘yo’ represents ‘to carry on head’. Hence ‘Kyaikhtiyo’ literally means ‘the pagoda carried on the hermit’s head’. This Pagoda is 50 feet in circumference and 18 feet in height is located on a 1100 meter hill between Thanlwin and Sittaung. The egg-shaped granite boulder perched on another tabular rock is gilded in gold.

History of the Golden Rock
A hermit after receiving a sermon from Gautam Buddha obtained a hair strand from Buddha himself and placed it within his hair. While returning he discovered this granite rock which resembled his head. He subsequently built a pagoda on this 30 feet high rock to protect and preserve this relic. This egg-shaped boulder can be rocked by gentle pushing and a thread passed underneath. You can have the impression that this delicately balanced rock will topple by a strong wind or by adding a few kilogram weights. However, that is not to happen and therein lays the mystery of Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda.

This pagoda is supposedly 2500 years old and visited by devotees and enthusiasts throughout the year. From the base of the hill you can either trek up to the Pagoda along an 11 km path or drive up within 30 minutes walking distance from the Golden Rock. Kids, the aged, and the physically underprivileged can take the help of bamboo carrier chairs.

Festival at Kyaikhtiyo

Visit Kyaikhtiyo between October and March. During this time pilgrims and Buddhist devotees throng this pagoda. On March full moon day (Tabaung), ninety thousand candles are lit at the platform pagoda and worshippers in thousand offer fruits, and sweets to Lord Buddha. Be a participant in this festival and watch the glory of Buddha at the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda Myanmar. Accommodation is available at Kyaikhtiyo town.

Accommodation and Diving at Kyaikhtiyo
There are quite a few popular accommodation facilities available at Kyaikhtiyo, from where the pagoda is around a half-an-hour journey. Kyaikhto Hotel, Mountain View Hotel, Mountain Top Hotel and Golden Rock Hotel are some of the most popular ones. Keeping in mind the needs and requirements of international tourists, the hotels has an updated range of amenities and facilities. The restaurants and bars in the hotels take care of you culinary requirements.

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