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Annapurna Circuit

Fast Facts

  • Location: In Nepal Himalayas from Bhule Bhule to Thorung La Pass
  • Attraction Type: Trekking Route
  • Significance: A trekking route of 300 km rising from 900 m to 5300 m
  • Best Time to Visit: October, November, April, May
  • How to Reach: By bus to Bhule Bhule
  • Nearest International Airport: Tribhuvan International Airport

Annapurna Circuit is among the world's most selected trekking routes. This trek of 300 km in Nepal Himalayas is magnificent for its sceneries, vegetation varieties and diversified animal life. The immense trekking opportunities along this route and comparative easiness attract mountain lovers, and sports enthusiasts alike from all parts of the world.

Nepal Annapurna Circuit between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges goes around the huge massif of the former. Annapurna at 8091 meters is the first over 8000 m peak to be scaled. Dhaulagiri, standing taller at 8167 m, is considered to be the home of Buddhist saint Padmasamba. Another peak, Machhupuchhare or 'Fishtail Mountain' at 6993 m lying within this circuit is looked upon as the most beautiful peak in the world. This Annapurna Circuit Trek of about 300 km begins at 900 m and reaches up to about 5300 m at Thorung La Pass with intriguing changes of plant and animal life at each level.

Accommodation and Dining at Annapurna Circuit

Lodging and boarding is never a problem along this route. Mountain lodges at regular intervals provide reasonably good food and accommodation to trekkers. As such you need not carry sleeping bags, or food articles for trekking Annapurna Circuit.


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