Fast Facts

  • Location: Manila, National Capital Region
  • Attraction Type: Mountain Terrace.
  • Significance: Wonderful 2000 years old terraces which later carved into mountains. According to many, it is the eighth wonder of the world.
  • Best Time To Visit: Winter to early spring is the best time to visit.
  • How To Reach: The most convenient way to reach Banau Rice Terraces from Manila by bus. You will also find buses from Baguio City. The auto buses are also available from terminals at Espana Blvd corner G. Tolention St, Manila to Banaue Rice Terraces.
  • Nearest Airport: Tuguegarao (Cagayan province) and Baguio

They say, it is the eighth wonder of the world and rightly they say. And you really get amazed when you come to think how a group of people of ancient days had been able to carve such 2000 years old terraces into mountians. Truly amazing it is — the Banaue Rice Terraces. Located at a height of 1500 meters above sea level and covering around 10360 square kilometers, the Banaue Rice Terraces is a UNESCO declared world heritage site. These 2000 years old terraces were later carved into mountains of Ifugao and Philippines. It is believed that, it is the ancestors of the Batad indigenous people who carved the terraces into mountains. These old mountain terraces got the water supply by the virtue of the ancient irrigation system. This was possible because of the water source of the rain forests from above the terraces. This world heritage mountain terrace is really a scenic in its true sense.

Attractions in Banaue Rice Terraces:
The mountain terrace which looks like some stepping stones, stretches to an altitude of 1500meters. These terraces, if laid side-by-side, would have covered half of the earth’s total area approximately. Tourists are attracted to these mountain terraces mainly because of the hiking trails that are scattered all over this terraces. You can also take the help of a guide, mostly the local college students, who will help you to explore the area. Though you won’t have any problen in visiting the place sans a guide, since the locals are quite friendly and helpful. The warmth and hospitality of the Ifugao people are worth praising. Apart from Banaue Rice Terraces, there are four more Ifugao terraces located nearby such as Batad rice terrace, Mayoyao rice terraces, Kiangan rice terraces and Hapao rice terraces.

Accommodation in Banaue Rice Terraces:
One can stay at the lodges, inns, and hotels at Banaue Rice Terraces. You also have the option to stay at the houses of the locals. These private homes offers accommodation to the tourists at a subsidized rate. One of the famous inns in Banaue Rice Terraces is Banaue View Inn

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