Fast Facts

  • Location: In Sierra Bullones, Carmen, and Sagbayan in Bohol Island in Central Visayas, Philippines
  • Attraction type: Natural wonder
  • Significance: More than 1250 knolls of identical shape and size spread over an area of 50 square kilometers
  • Best Time to Visit: November to February (dry season)
  • Visiting hours: Daytime
  • How to Reach: By bus from Tagbilaran City
  • Nearest International Airport: Manila (Tagbilaran has a domestic air terminal)

Chocolate Hills is an expression of beauty, romance, and mystery by nature. An initial glimpse would certainly make them appear like man-made creations which actually are not. The mystery lies in the fact that more than 1250 hills are i8dentical in shaped and size. These knoll shaped hills are covered with grass which when dried lends a brown hue from a distance; hence the name. Located in Bohol Island in Central Visayas, this Philippine natural wonder is spread over an area of 50 square kilometers in Carmen, Sierra Bullones, and Sagbayan.

There are a number of opinions behind the formation of Philippine Chocolate Hills. According to one belief, ancient coral limestone reefs after being subjected to years of water and wind erosion has given rise to these hills. Others believe these are karst conical hills similar to those found in Croatia and Slovenia.

There are two legends behind the formation of these Chocolate Hills in Philippines. According to one legend, two quarreling giants to destroy one another hurled rocks and stones. This fighting which lasted several days left the two giants exhausted. While taking rest they became friendly and went away leaving the rocks strewn all over the place. In another legend, a young and powerful giant Arogo fell in love with Aloya a very simple girl who unfortunately died. Arogo was so grief stricken that he cried inconsolably and his tear drops after drying was transformed into rocks.

Bohol Chocolate Hills are spread over the areas of Sierra Bullones, Carmen, and Sagbayan in Bohol island of Philippines is mysterious as a collection. These naturally occurring hills are identical in appearance and rise to an average height of 50 meters, with the smallest being 30meters and the highest 120 meters. The formation of near perfect domes, and that too be natural forces, is truly intriguing.

Chocolate Hill Resort is the only accommodation you can avail if you are planning to spend the night in this locality. Alternatively, you could opt to stay in Carmen or Tagbilaran. Bohol Tropic Resort, The Metro Center, Wregent Plaza Hotel, The Meridian Hotel, and Hotel La Roca are some of the notable tourist accommodations in Tagbilaran city in Bohol Island, Philippines.

When visiting Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Tagbilaran city in the best place to dine. Try out Rai Rai Ken or the Prawn Farm in Island City Mall for authentic Japanese and Filipino recipes respectively. Ruby Stone Restaurant and Music Bar, and Saya’s Restaurant on Carlos P. Garcia Avenue are famous for local cuisine. Brewpoint Coffee Club on J.C. Borja Street is well known for its international culinary delights.

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