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Japan, the ‘land of the rising sun’, creates innumerable contrasting images, which peacefully co-exist with one another. Other that the must-see places in Japan, the country is also one of the best tourist places for its historical significance starting from the time of the Joman Period till the Heisei period. The country is also known for its devastating experiences during the world war II after the atomic bombing at Hirioshima and Nagasaki. Among must see places in Japan, you can find ancient temples gloriously existing side by side with futuristic edifices. The mist covered volcano peaks attract as many visitors as coral reefs and the kimono attired geishas welcome you with same warmth as suit is worn executives.

List of must see places in Japan:

  • Tokyo
  • Sanjusangendo Temple
  • Nikka
  • Isui-en
  • Kasuga Taisha Shrine
  • Todai-ji Temple
  • Daibutsu-den
  • Nikko National park
  • Landern Festival in Japan
  • Yakushima World Heritage Site
  • Ancient orient Museum
  • Asago art village
  • Tsukuba Botanical garden
  • Atagawa Tropical & Aligator Garden
  • Awashima Marine Park

In spite of being a technological giant, Japan in Asia places great importance to age-old customs and traditions. Tea drinking ceremonies and kabuki, a form of Japanese dance-drama are highly revered customs of this Asian country. Nara is renowned for its eight world heritage sites among which Isui-en, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Todai-ji Temple, and Todai-ji Daibutsu-den are remarkable and are must see places in Japan. At Nikko, discover a magical path, lined by moss grown wall on one side and stone lanterns in perfect alignment on the other, where the entire arrangement is framed by immense cedars. Mount Fuji is an iconic representation of Japan to the whole world, while Yakushima World Heritage Site stands out with its coastline mangrove forests, wooded hill slopes and high peaks.

If you are planning for a trip to this wondrous country then make sure you don’t miss out the awesome experiences at Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The unprecedented glamor and excitement of this city is stunning. As for the tourists spots, Tokyo is an abode of almost all types of visiting spots that will stun the first time visitor. A perfect place for a vacation, Tokyo is one of the most populous and expensive cities of the world, which makes it further exciting for travelers and a must see place in Japan. Other than having various temples and shrines to tickle your spiritual sentiments, the city is most commonly known for its exciting lifestyle as well as the humdrum of a typical metro city. You can find the city in its full vigor, even at mid night. In Tokyo you can find some of the largest market places packed with restaurants, bars and many more. You can even enjoy the bullet rain ride from Tokyo to Osaka and indulge yourself with irresistible Japanese cuisine. Try out fresh sushi in Tokyo, or ‘ramen’ in Osaka to make your journey complete. You can even rest and relax at the amusement parks after a long hectic day.

Next to this the city, Kyoto is yet another city that is typically famous for its beautiful shrines, temples and castles. For instance, the Sanjusangendo Temple that features a total of 1001 human statuettes are some of the most significant Japan tourist spots. Also famous for its innovative railway transport, Japan has become one of the most sought after places among tourists. The country is also famous for various museums, botanical gardens as well as national parks. Therefore, while in Japan, don’t forget to give a short trip to the Ancient Orient Museum, Asago Art Village, Tsukuba Botanical Garden, Atagawa Tropical & Aligator Garden, Awashima Marine Park and many more. If you are looking to walk in the dark wilderness and explore new places and animals, then visit the Nikko National Park and enjoy its wildlife experience. For further excitement, you can also visit the Lantern Festival, which takes place between February and August. Other cities like Nikko, Nara, Okinawa, Hiroshima , Nagasaki are also must see places in Japan.

When to Visit Japan
Spring and autumn, i.e., March to May, and September to November respectively are the best periods to tour Japan. The cherry blossom festival begins in Kyushu in March and gets successively delayed as you move northwards to Honshu. ‘Sakura’ or autumn hue progresses in the reverse direction from north in October to south in November. ‘Festival of the Dead’ a very popular Japanese ceremony is celebrated in August.

Travel to Japan
Tokyo Narita snd Osaka Kansai are the main international airports in Japan, the others being in Fukuoka, Chubu, Naha, and Niigata. Flights from all major cities of the world travel to Tokyo or Osaka. Japan has a well established water transportation system with its neighboring countries. From Busan in South Korea there are regular ferry services to Fukuoka and Shimonoseki. Between mid May to October end ferries ply between Valdivostok in Russia to Fushiki. From Shanghai China there are regular boat services to Osaka.

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