Fast Facts

  • Location: Central Asia and Eastern Europe.
  • Capital: Astana.
  • Currency: Tenge (KZT).
  • Language: Kazakh, Russian.
  • Best time to Visit: May to September.
  • Time Zone: UTC+5 / UTC+6.
  • Calling Code: +7
  • Major Airports: Astana International Airport (TSE), Almaty International Airport (ALA)

Kazakhstan, officially known as the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a Eurasian country located in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Surrounded by Turkmenistan, Russia, China, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, the must see places in Kazakhstan basically comprises of rugged hills and Islamic religious sightseeings. The virgin beauty of nature surrounded by hilly terrains, meandering lakes with fresh blue-water and the thunderous sound of the cascading waterfalls, make the entire country a fascinating tourist spot. A visit to the must see places in Kazakhstan will arouse you. The elegance of the mountains, the tranquil environment with the whistling sound of the wind and the enormous trees, create a perfect aura to relax and enjoy the solitude.

The terrains and landscapes of Kazakhstan are rare visions in other parts of the world. If you want to be a part of this heavenly sightseeing then walk into the green forests of the Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve that is cut off from the city hustle and industrial pollution. A visit to this must see place in Kazakhstan will drive you to trace and leave you enchanted. It is home to some of the most unique plants and trees that leave a typical aroma in the forest. As for the jungle inhabitants, here you will find some of the rarest species of animals and birds like Siberian Ibex, Roe, Caspian deer, Boar, Weasel, Snow Leopard, Turkestan Lynx, Red Bear, Golden Eagle as well as Short-Toed Eagle.

Among cities you can visit the Almaty city that boasts of amazing sightseeings and natural beauty. Situated in the northern part of Tian-Shan mountains, Alamaty is basically famous for its apples. A must see place in Kazakhstan, at Almaty you can have a nice time roaming around the valleys and the nearby terrains. Cultural spots like The Museum of Folk Music Instrument, the A. Kasteev State Museum of Fine Arts, the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and many more showcase the cultural and traditional history of the place. You can even have an exciting time at Medeo, the biggest skating rink. You will be charmed by the pleasing view from Medeo. The snowcapped mountains that blazes in the sun, the alpine forests of Tian-sian and the cool breeze are captivating.

If you wish to peep into the heritage and history of the country, then visit cities like Taraz and Turkestan that are renowned for their Mausoleums and Muslim pilgrimage respectively. Traz, which is considered to be one of the must see places in Kazakhstan is dotted with various architectural monuments and artifacts like Karakhan Mausoleum, Dauitbek Mausoleum, Babadzha-hatun Mausoleum and Aisha-Bibi Mausoleum. Turkestan that is often frequented by local Muslims as well as those from abroad, is home to the Khodja Akhmed Yasaui Mausoleum, which is a Muslim Pilgrimage site. Over the years, the place has gained great popularity among the non-Muslims for its surrounding environment as well as the brilliant architecture. Apart from all these, you can also visit Buarabai, Astana and various other cities and districts to unwind the hidden secrets of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has hot summers and cold winters. During the hottest months of July and August, the average daily temperature can go up to high 20°Cs, especially in Astana and Almaty. On the other hand, during the winter, especially in the months of November to March, temperatures may go down drastically. Frosty mornings are quite common then. Lands are also get covered by snow.


Air: If you are coming down from overseas, you can come down to Astana International Airport (TSE) and Almaty International Airport (ALA). Flights are available from a number of Asian and European destinations like Dubai, Moscow, Beijing, Delhi, Istanbul, Bangkok, Seoul, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London.

Train: You can reach Alamty by train from Moscow, Novosibirsk and íœrí¼mqi. Train is also the most popular mode of transportation to move around various places within the country.

Bus: You can reach Kazakhstan by bus from íœrí¼mqi. Within the country, you can move between places to places by buses, though those are pretty crowded.

List of must see places in Kazakhstan:

  • Aksu-Zhabagly Nature Reserve
  • Alamaty
  • Medeo
  • Taraz
  • Khodja Akhmed Yasaui Mausoleum
  • Buarabai
  • Astana

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