Fast Facts

  • Location: South-East Asia
  • Capital: Vientiane
  • Currency: Kip (LAK)
  • Language: Lao, French English and some ethnic languages
  • Best time to Visit: November to March
  • Time Zone: UTC+7
  • Calling Code: +856
  • Major Airports: Luang Prabang International Airport (LPQ), Wattay International Airport (VTE) and Pakse International Airport (PKZ)

A country that was isolated from the entire world from decades, boasts of an unique experience to tourists. The must see places in Laos are actually evidences of the culture and lifestyle of this country which is very much different from the now-progressive South East Asian countries. Officially known as the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, it is a landlocked country in South-East Asia. Surrounded by Vietnam to the east, China and Myanmar to the north, Thailand to the west and Cambodia to the south, Laos got its independence in 1949 when the period of French protectorate came to an end. As for the tourist spots, most of the must see places in Laos are actually hilly landscapes that are enchanting to all. Added to the mountainous terrains, Laos is also marked for its sanctimonious environment that is spread out with various Buddhist monasteries.

As a first time visitor, it is necessary that you study the whereabout of this country before starting off with the trip. The uniqueness of the country lies in its culture, which is still uncorrupted by commercialization or external cultures. So while on a vacation voyage it is best to make a list of must see places in Laos and chalk out the trip accordingly. For instance, it is almost compulsory to visit Vientiane, the capital of Laos. This city is remarkably noted for its vibrant history that takes you back to the colonial domination and the extensive internal conflicts that ravaged the city. In spite of a series of unfortunate events, it is surprising to see the slow and peace loving life style of this city. Vientiane is stunning owing to its hustle and bustle in the market places and several Buddhist monasteries.

You may not know much about Laos, owing to its commercial and business isolation from the world for decades, but the Ho Chi Ming Trail is a world famous must see place in Laos. It is actually the favorite place for history students or professors. The significance of this place is directly connected to the Vietnam War and Vietnam French war during the fifties. A visit to this place is not only interesting but is also informative. Make sure you have a guide along with you to make your journey more exciting. The country is spread out with various such historical places and architectures that are major Laos tourist spots. For instance, the Plains of the Jars, is a renowned archaeological site in the country, which is more that 2000 years old. The site comprises of several massive jars that were used for burial purposes.

Other than all this, the Pha That Luang is yet another historical monument that was built by King Anouvong in the early 19th century. Though you won’t find too many natural wonders other than the mountains and valleys all around, yet the Khone Phapheng, the largest waterfall in South east Asia, is a must see place in Laos. Finally, last but not the least, don’t forget to visit the ancient Luang Prabang city (World Heritage Site) that has become one of the major tourist destinations in Laos for its stunning surrounding and the unforgettable history that is full of ruthless wars and revolutions.

One can experience three distinct seasons in Laos. March to May is the hot season when temperatures go up to 40°C. May to October is the wet season when temperatures remain around 30°C. Tropical rains are quite common during this time. November to March is the dry season when temperatures remain around 15°C and there is very low rainfall.

Air: Laos has a few airports including three international airports viz. Luang Prabang International Airport (LPQ), Wattay International Airport (VTE) and Pakse International Airport (PKZ). You can find flights to various countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Train: Laos has a good national network of rail services. You can travel to different destinations within the country by train.

List of must see places in Laos:

  • Vientiane, the capital of Laos
  • Ho Chi Ming Trail
  • Plains of the Jars .
  • Pha That Luang
  • Khone Phapheng
  • Ban Nalan trail
  • Champasak
  • Tham Nong Pafa Cave
  • Nong Khiaw
  • Si Phan Don
  • Vieng Xai and Vang Vieng
  • Luang Namtha

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