Fast Facts

Location: Western Asia
Capital: Beirut.
Currency: Lebanese pound (LBP).
Language: Arabic, French, English and Armenian.
Best time to Visit: May to August.
Time Zone: UTC+2.
Calling Code: +961
Major Airports: Beirut International Airport (BEY).

A visit to the beautiful and traditional country of Lebanon will connect you to the ancient history that the country stores. Along with the typical historical aroma, the must see places in Lebanon will be new found experiences for you. Officially known as the Republic of Lebanon or Lebanese Republic, the country is located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea in western Asia. With verdant valleys and alpine valleys, the places listed under must see Lebanon are inevitable destinations for tourists. The colorfulness life and the historical artifacts with distinctive Greek and Roman influences, open a broader scope for tourists to enjoy both urban life as well as peek into the abyss of the Lebanese history.

Lebanon as a tourist spot has everything to impress tourists and leave you in awe. Visiting renowned cities like Beirut, Broummana, Jubayl, Kfardebian and Tripoli will depict the true essence of the country and its rich culture. Beirut, the capital city of the country is significant for being one of the best business ports of the country for over 5000 years. The true oriental charm of the city and the potpourri culture make it a perfect place to see in Lebanon. Amongst some of the must see places in Beirut, you can feast your eyes with the mighty Lebanon mountain. The massiveness of this mountain acts as a strategic natural protection for Beirut that was most exposed to foreign invasions. The beautiful art and crafts stored in the Museum of Antiquities, exposes the magnificence of Lebanese culture. Few miles away from Beirut is Jounieh, home to the famous castle Moussa. The Habtoorland Park, Boulevard Shopping Mall and the Byblos Archaeological Center are some of the other places you can visit. The city is also noted for its scenic beauty with the yellow Mediterranean coastlines and the enchanting panoramic view of the mountains from Faraya.

Cut of from the fast and noisy city life is Broummana, one of the most frequented tourist spots in the country. Amidst the picturesque surrounding, lies this amazing land with both extravagant nightlife and the happy go lucky lifestyle of the people. The city has its own charm that leaves an appeasing mark on you. You will never forget the long walk in the Pine grooves or the endless silence of the place. A perfect place for nature lovers, the city is like a break from the din of the metros. The well-organized markets and the pleasant weather has earned it a place in the list of must see Lebanon.

For those who want to further explore the history of the country, should also include Tripoli and Jubail in your itineraries. May it be the classic architecture of the ancient Red Castle or the Assaraya al-Hamara in Tripoli, or the historical significance of Jubayl as the first oil reserve in Saudi Arabia, you will be spellbound to notice the amazements of both these cities. Home to the magnificent Karamanli and the Gurgi Mosques, the excellent architectures of the Arch of marcus Aurelius and the Madina, Tripoli is always peopled with tourists throughout the year. Other than this, the Jamahiriya Museum also ranks top in must see Lebanon. This monument restores some of the most intricate and invaluable artistry of the Greek and Roman Culture. It also houses the treasures of the Sabratha and Leptis Magna, which are World Heritage sites in Lebanon. Finally, the laid back country side environment and the obscure history of Kfardebian will also raise curiosity in you.

The weather of Lebanon can be described as temperate Mediterranean with warm & dry summers and wet winters. The summer temperature ranges between 20-30°C with no rain between June and August. The coastal areas remain pretty humid during that time, whereas the mountains remain cooler. Spring and autumn see some rains. Mountain regions experience snowfalls during the winter.


Air: Beirut International Airport (BEY) is the only civilian airport in Lebanon. Flights from a number of destinations come to this airport daily. You can reach here easily from places like Abu Dhabi, Athens, Cairo, Abidjan, Accra, Cologne, Amman, Copenhagen Doha, Dammam, Dubai, Geneva, Doha, Frankfurt, Geneva, Jeddah, Istanbul, Kuwait, London, Lamaca, Lagos, Milan, Nice, Paris, Rome and Riyadh.

Bus: Buses are the most conveniently available mode of transportation between various destinations within the country.

List of must see places in Lebanon:

  • Jubayl
  • Kfardebian
  • Jounieh
  • Beirut
  • Faraya
  • Broummana
  • Red Castle or the Assaraya al-Hamara in Tripoli
  • Karamanli and the Gurgi Mosques
  • Tripoli
  • Sabratha and Leptis Magna

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