Fast Facts

  • Location: Haad Rin Beach at Koh Phangan Island towards west of Gulf of Thailand
  • Attraction type: Event
  • Significance: A monthly festival attended by participants from all over the world
  • Best Time to visit: On all full moon evenings
  • Visiting hours: Dusk to late night
  • How to reach: By boats from Koh Samui, Big Buddha Beach, and Bophut
  • Nearest Airport: Koh Samui

Full Moon Party is a monthly song and dance extravaganza held in Koh Phangan in Thailand. On every full moon evening ten thousand to thirty thousand people gather at the crescent shaped beach in Koh Phagan to celebrate the occasion with music, dance, jugglery, food and drinks from dusk to early morning. Not only from Thailand but people from all parts of the world participate in this revelry.

The Full Moon Party in Thailand begins with the appearance of the yellow circular disk in the horizon at dusk. Small tables, lined up on the beach with thousands of lamps lit all around, set the stage for the party. Lovers of techno, bass, metals, trance and all other forms of music have something to cheer for. All dance forms are observed here. Reggae, hip-hop, and every other dance form are acceptable in this full moon party. The decks are occupied by turns and each one gets an opportunity to perform.

There are jugglers, fire-eaters and magicians to entertain the crowds throughout the evening. Brilliant firework displays brighten up the entire setting. The party never gets completed without the food and drinks available from the numerous stalls along the beach overlooking the Gulf of Siam. The Thailand Full Moon Party continues in the main beach where there are no restrictions and all participants go into a frenzy as evening progresses into early morning.

Accommodation at the Full Moon Party
Accommodation in Koh Phangan during Full Moon Party is available in the form of hotels, bungalows, village farmhouses, and luxury resorts. Santhiya Resort & Spa, Phangan Orchid Resort, Pariya Haad Yuan Resort, and Drop In Club Resort & Spa are among the plush resorts to select from. Among the other luxury resorts and hotels you could choose from Bounty Resort, Blue Hill Phangan Resort, Long Bay Resort, Mai Pen Bay Resort, and Sabai Beach Resort. In case you have preference for bungalows select from Seetanu Bungalow, Seaboard Bungalows, Phangan Villa Bungalow, Mai Pen Rai Bungalows, and Beer Bungalow.

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